Sunday, March 11, 2012

Picture Perfect Memory Monday

Can I just say how much I LOOOOVE being a Mommy to two boys? THIS is why:

Okay...and these three little guys have been friends since birth- they are building loads of memories. It all started with my husband and his best friend; they met in high school and are still best buds to this day; and so are their boys! LOVE IT!!!

Jimmys 1st baseball season ever!!!

Brendens' 1st time pitching in a game...

Yep total baseball season is literally in FULL SWING here at the Lapierre house.
OH OH OH!!!!- And look what Shianne brought home from school last week...

Onto another set of super special pictures...
This section can't just be a set of pictures, without a story- only because without the background you couldn't possibally understand what makes them so special.
As a little girl I grew up with the best Papaw a girl could ever dream of. Every little girl needs a Papaw like the Papaw I had growing up; and still have as a grown woman with children of my own. My Papaw is my Mothers' Father; and he is OH SO SPECIAL!
I could feel the heat of the day as a child, (my sister and I grew up in the desert)
I had a Papaw that loves ice cream- and ADORES his grandchildren. He is a very small town kind of guy- one of those I loved and still love to watch spark a conversation with literally ANYONE! He has that skill of making people laugh- and sometimes saying things that could shock someone- It's always been the way he is-and it is something that always makes me chuckle. Oh words cannot describe how special this man is in my life.
Anyway back to the ice cream story- as kids he always took us to Thrifty's (now Rite-Aid) to buy us a scoop of the best ice cream there is- there we would sit out front on the curb and feel the ice cream slowly melt and trickle down our little elbows; there we would sit and talk to him- he would tell us all about how cheap a scoop of ice cream was when he was a kid- I loved listening to him; even if he didn't think so. I loved when people would walk by and he would talk to them- everyone seemed to know my Papaw; and I loved watching him talk to others.
By the end of our little ice cream adventures (they happened ALL THE TIME) I was usually COVERED in ice cream!!! My sister not so much; he never made a big deal out of it- then he'd take us to the park where you could just imagine that sticky melted ice cream mixed with dirt- hahahaha. He TOTALLY let us be kids- and I loved that about him.
Now that I'm all grown up; married and have kids of my own- I don't live so close anymore- but he still makes time to come up to visit and bring an ice cream delivery our way. He even sends us money in the mail to get some treats for those kiddos from him and my Grandma (we call her Gi-Gi)and she's a whole other special story! So this is what we did after the last treat delivery:

The kids came home with sticky fingers- even sticky shoes- and got on their bikes and got their handlebars sticky- I, like my Papaw- Let them be kids--- I didn't make them wash their hands until I noticed a bee chasing Brenden- hahaha.
See!!! I told you my Papaw is special!

Five Minute Friday on Sunday: Empty

The word Empty is such a hollow thought in my mind, the word brings back my past,
if I think on that word I remember that hollow pit in my gutt

to truly know emptiness is to finally see where God has filled the old empty me.
To truly see He allows us to feel such a hollow emotion; without it... I really wouldn't know just how much I need Him.

To see just how much He has filled my life with such beauty,
down to my one of a kind hubby (who still makes me blush),
the laughter in my children,
that twinkle in their eyes,
those special hold me and squeeze me tight hugs,

He has blessed me with all of this, and much- much more!

Now it's your turn click here to participate, or just to read some beautiful entries based on one word.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Picture Perfect Memory Monday

1st I have to share this beautiful picture layout- there is a really neat app called frames which allows you to collage your photos in all kinds of different ways- This mixed with instagram was my results... LOVE LOVE LOVE
I can't wait for beach weather again...

STAR WARS IN 3-D!!! What a fun day; just yesterday my Dad and Mom took us out to the movies; mainly for Jimmy and Grandpas sake- they both LOVE Star Wars!

They are the coolest!!! This was so fun- they better come out with a Star Wars 3D episode 2- because these 2 are ready for more!!!

And it's BASEBALL SEASON!!!! Both Jimmy and Brenden are in it this Spring; can't wait to get take more pictures.

Okay and if you hadn't heard??? I'm sure I screamed it from the rooftops - Shianne won 1st place in her 1st ever Science fair. She placed 1st in her entire 6th grade! She worked so hard. This is her with her science teacher; I was told today that a lot of her teachers are just so excited to see her blossoming in an awesome way. I've seen it too- just watching her grow up and making some really wise choices makes my heart leap. We are so proud of her!

Relaxing reading "90 Minutes in Heaven" on her kindle tonight...

Crazy Sock Day last week...