Friday, June 27, 2008

Congrats to our preschool Graduate!!!

Last night we went to Brendens preschool graduation it was so cute. I do have to say I could never be a teacher; that would be so hard to connect with so many students throughout the year; and then have to say goodbye. His teacher gave them a door hanger which says:
You are a very special person
and you should know,
How I loved to have you in my care
how fast the year did go
One thing I tried to teach you
to last your whole life through,
is to know that you are special
just because, you are YOU!"
Isn't that just so sweet?

Brenden looks excited; but as his Mommy I could see his sadness and nervousness; when he gets sad he has a full on giggle fest!!! Weird I know; but he gets that from me. ;)

He was soooo handsome last night in his cap and gown; you can' help but imagine them in some short years from now graduating high school- you just kind of see them grown up; and it makes you want to really treasure the NOW.
This girl is sooooo sweet... she just loves him! :)

This was his best friend this year! :)

In this picture you can see him performing notes with drum sticks; he was right on... as you can see in the pictures he takes himself very seriousy, (Like his Daddy).

It was a wonderful night! Thanks Mom for coming with us!!! :) Love You!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As promised... pictures from Jimmys Birthday...

My Baby is 4 today!!!

Where does the time go? I feel like I say this everytime one of my children celebrates a birthday. My youngest is 4 today!!! I can't believe how quick that flew by; he'll be starting preschool in the Fall; I will cry... what will I do without our one on one time- don't get me wrong I'm sure I'll find plenty to do eventually; but he has always been so easy and peaceful at home; I'm not quite ready to watch him go to school; I'm going to need some support from friends on the first day of school! Starbucks anyone??? See I'm already making plans for myself and that's not until August!!! :)
Anyway... Happy Birthday to my precious blue eyed boy Jimmy Cocoa Puff! :) Jimmy on his new toy quad (we gave it to him
last night) HE LOVES IT!!!

I'll post pictures tommorow of his day- tonight we are having family and a neighbor friend over for cake and some more water slide fun. I've got lots to do today; Brendens graduation rehearsal is this afternoon- gotta pick up the Ratatoullie cake from the bakery, plates, napkins, ice cream- dry cleaners, get Brendens teacher a gift, clean house, get Brenden a graduation gift--- busy busy busy!!!
Here are some pictures I took yesterday of the boys at Brenden's preschool family potluck & their new neighbor friend came over to play on the waterslide... I'm telling you this waterslide is a hit!!! I would suggest it to anyone!!! :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer sure is busy...

I haven't blogged in a while due to the hectic summer. It has been so hot here; I'm talking between 105 to 112, with lots of humidity to go along with it. I have some pictures that have been sitting in my camera the last couple of days that I downloaded. Thought I'd take some time this morning to share.

My son Brenden had crazy hair day at school last week; it was red and green- I couldn't get it to wash out of his scalp for 3 days!!!! I wish my hair held color like his does! :)

Saturday my husband went to toys r us to get our son Jimmy his birthday present (HE TURNS 4 TOMMOROW!!!) and couldn't pass up the sidewinder outdoor waterslide slash pool! I was a little skeptical at 1st; but once I saw it I knew the kids would love it. They are on it for hours; there is even room for me to get in!!! We are beating the heat! Our friends came over and we had a last minute bar-b-Q while we watched the kids have a blast on the new waterslide. We all had soooo much fun! I always get mad at myself for not taking pictures of the adults; someone has to remind me- because I always forget.

Let's see; what else? Shianne went on her vacation this past Sunday; I wont see her for a week! I really miss her. :( Got a new lens...

just in time for Brendens Preschool graduation ceremony Thursday night. Today is his last day of preschool :( Can't believe a whole school year has already passed. Jimmy and I will be headed out pretty soon for the family potluck at Bredens school; good thing it's a little cooler today! :)
Lots going on- staying real busy... enjoy the pictures...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Soooo glad school is out!!! :)

Last week was chaos; all these last week of school activities left my house a disaster! I am so happy that things are slowing down and I can finally begin to feel a little more organized. Shianne got to visit her old school last Thursday and have her yearbook signed; that was a lot of fun for her. As she says "I felt like a celebrity" lol; how does an 8 year old know the word celebrity vs. movie star; I guess we should thank Hanna Montana for that one! :) It was really cute; everyone was yelling her name and jumping up reaching out for her. I wish I could have captured her smile in a photo that day; unfortunately my camera was at home.

On her last day of her new school she was in the cutest hip hop dance; if I can figure out how to load a video I will post it soon. She was amazing! There is just something so awesome about her new school; I teared up at the assembly just listening to how grateful they are to run such a fun school. You can just see the passion in the principals face for her students; she has such a genuine kind spirit; and all the teachers do as well; I can't describe into words how I feel about her school- her school moves me; it's almost as if it came out of a movie! Really I couldn't be happier! There was a time at my daughters old school when she got in trouble for hugging a friend of hers!!!! Hugging???? Since when did that become wrong? Crazy.
We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful school and teacher for Shianne when we moved.

We also went horse back riding at the riding academy with Shiannes girl scout troop; it was miserably roasting outdoors; but it was fun! Brenden got to come as well. Here are some pictures... (Shianne was so happy that she got her horse to run; making cute kissing noises, and she held Brendens hand almost the whole time, so cute) gosh this was a long post; it's been a long week. :) I hope everyone had a Happy Fathers Day! Ours was really nice. Til the next event! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Loving it!!!

I forgot to share that our built in was completed last week; and turned out beautiful!!!
The birthday party sort of took precedence over my home decor. Great company; awesome builder... we gave him a picture of the build out they had in the model; he copied it to the "T" and then some!!! Jay and I couldn't be happier.
Here it is; I still need to put some more plants and stuff in it; but so far it's awesome!!! I love the accent wall that my Dad did!!! It came out great!!!

Oh and here is a chicken I purchased at Ross; isn't it sweet?


Our home is coming along and I am so excited because our back ordered furniture order is finally coming in This Thursday! YAY!!! It is feeling more and more like home each day. I feel so blessed and so at home these days. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Birthday Party slash family reunion loads of fun!!! :)

I had so much fun today at my cousins daughters 2nd birthday party. Sh is such a cutie patootie! Is that how you spell patootie??? hahaha. It was also really nice to see members of our family; some that I haven't seen in almost 10 years or more!!! We definitely need to make these gatherings more often. I have some great pictures to share...

HERE IS THE BIRTHDAY GIRL AND HER BEAUTIFUL MOMMA...:) Is that cupcake tier not the cutest???
I absolutely adored watching my Dad and Jimmy play soccer; Jimmy was living it up and loving every moment of it. It was so awesome to watch; these are the kind of moments to treasure; and never take this life we've been given for granted... after busy weeks and schedules there comes a time to just let life slow down and be a kid again... Living life to the fullest... I just love these photos... in some of them you can see Jimmy looking up to Grandpa and copying his cool moves... He was having a ball... and I know Grandpa was too- I love you Dad! :)
My dear Great Grandma Belle 89 years old...
... so much to share... I could kick myself for not having someone take a picture of the entire family... I will not forget such a important photo next time...