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Sometimes I get lost in a little Painting & a little bit of creating pretty things to surround my home, which I've found especially useful for those times I don't have a budget to go purchase something already made.
 I think my itch for creativity came from my Grandmother; who I call Gi-Gi.  I have the fondest memories of her heat gun,pieces of strewn fabric galore, and just the most beautiful hand created items sitting upon her hand painted kitchen table.  
Each and every time I create I feel just like her.  
I love you my superbly talented Gi-Gi with all my heart! 

My first hand-painted sign ever!  I'm hoping to improve these skills in the near future.

I had book pages, Foam Pipe Tubing made into a wreath shape, & just started gluing & whatever happened - happened- and I actually kind of love the simplicity of this one...
(I would still love to find a book wreath that doesn't take hours of my time) 

My Coffee Filter Wreath- I love how easy this is to make, All in all to make this one takes about 1 hour.  There are other styles not as full as this one that take only 30 minutes.

Lovely Frilly Fullness!!! 

Kids Bathroom So Far :)

Over the years these are areas I have adored in the many homes we have lived in.  I am by no means a professional; but I love it!!!  My eye is drawn to neutrals and white; many would argue white is not a color-
I totally disagree!  :)  To me white is the most refreshing "Color" out there.

This was our family room at one of our houses; I loved the light that came into that room.  The wall color and accent wall were just perfect!  The built in was made just for us; it was not fully decorated at the time this picture was taken.

 This was one of our homes we rented in Sacramento; This was decorated for the Fall Season; one of my all time favorite seasons of the year!
 Okay- this is the picture wall; it is my favorite wall in every house; and it's constantly moving- in fact, in this particular house this wall got moved from above the kitchen table; to above the fireplace.
 This is another house; with a birthday banner I made for my daughters birthday.  She now uses this banner to decorate her bedroom- super versatile!
 And the 5 minute banner made for the Super Bowl!  Yes we are Pats Fans- And about winning that Super Bowl?  We don't talk about it.  ;)

Christmas Time

Oh Christmas Tree- My favorite Christmas Tree Yet:

Designed By: Shianne Lapierre &; Her Momma ;)

As if it couldn't get any better than last year... it did!!! I am sooooooo happy with our Christmas Decor this year. My daughter certainly has an eye for decorating- I love looking at it every day, every year it's our masterpiece together.

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