Thursday, July 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday} Bloom

When I think of the word bloom I envision beautiful buds of flowers aching to see what the heavenly skies have to offer--- just reaching- reaching for something much better.
Displaying the beauty in every single precious petal, created by God himself.
I also see another side to bloom;
within those blooms petals fall... slowly fall and wither away.
The beauty of Gods creation is within each and every single one of them;
you see He is perfect; what withers away in each of those blooms He WILL rebuild.
With each petal that falls comes new life; the old has gone away to make room for the new.
I just love how God displays His works in the every day.
The way He constantly shows us the falling away of the petals; and through those withered crumpled up soft velvety petals comes a new bloom.
 The way He shows us that we will constantly be stripped away of what is no longer needed,
to make room for what He only knows we need.
Therefore I choose to rejoice where He will guide me to Bloom, aching to see what His Heavenly skies have to offer-
and rejoice in His plan for when I wither-
knowing that He will never fail,
allowing me to Bloom Forever in His Mighty Hands.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five Minute Friday} Writer

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To become a writer...
I've often wondered how writers can continue to write during the dry seasons of life.
During the storms when the words are tucked deep within a place they cannot yet be pulled out.
How can one become a regular writer when the words don't always come.
As I ask myself this question, I realize that during the storms and dry seasons of life I MUST continue to write.  
Keep that journal tucked safely in the drawer next to my bed and don't forget that not everything a writer writes must be published- and when put in that context I see I am a writer, and it's okay to sometimes go into reflect mode privately.  It is a season God stirs within us the words He wants me to hear- and He will give me peace about the words that He would want me to share.  
I guess I am not becoming a writer...
I already Am.


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break is in Session!

AND THEN... The Dog Whisperer...

The pool has been visited by us twice on the hot days, the rainy days have kept us in all snug. The first flower buds are peaking through with an array of color in our backyard. 

 I love Spring Break, having my children home with me- just planning our day depending on whatever the weather will bring.
It's been a while since I've written- while I have reflected a TON - I have yet to be given the words; so for now I will leave you with pictures of Jimmy's first ever Soccer game!!! He played great!!


Last but not least; my Favorite shot of the game... 
To watch Jimmy play his heart out on his first game ever, with other kids who have played for years made me so proud of our boy for 
getting out there- giving his all- and doing a GREAT job at it- ALL at the same time. 
I Love him so much!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time to Get Fancy !

These are some of my favorites from Shiannes Spring Masquerade Dance at school ... Such a great group of kids and they had so much fun!  Everything looked so beautiful :)

Getting Ready... (Makeup- Sparkly Smoky Eye) By Mommy Lapierre -Lol

Dark Eyes light Lipstick :) She found a picture off Pinterest and we copied it!!! 

If you have a 14 year old, or ever have
then you certainly know this look! 

Shianne and One of her Best Friends setting up before the dance :) 

Mask Time! 

 OH MY!!! Shianne found the candy jar!

These were the most photogenic group of friends ever!!! 

I told you so...

Blurry - but Shianne & CJ were in charge of cleaning up the candy after the dance- bad idea.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lunch sack album Instructions} As Promised :)

So this is how to make a cute, quick & Easy handmade gift for someone special- or to keep your own mementos tucked aside for yourself.  Great for crafty kids & Teens too! :) 

1. Begin with 3 Lunch bags (I'm sure you could use more, but this will make 12 pages with 2 openings) 
Lay them Flappy side up in alternating directions as shown:

2.) Fold each sack individual to get a really nice crease (Keep in order though) 

3.) Now Fold them all together- and make another really nice crease

4.) Punch 3 Holes in the binding part of the book.  You can eyeball it (which I did) or you can make yourself little markers for where your holes should go.  Be careful not to go to close to the edge, or too far in 

5.) Cut 5x5 sheets of paper from an assorted paper pack; usually paper packs are themed and all the papers will coordinate well together.  You can even find 5x5 paper square packs in the scrapbook section at your favorite craft store, Target, or even Wal Mart.

6.) Time to glue down your front and back covers closest to the outside edge as possible

 It's completely okay if the paper covers your holes a tad, you'll still be able to get your binder rings through 

7.) Open up your book and start gluing in all your pages (It's much easier to work with and decorate your pages without the binder rings in) I used 1 1/2 inch binder rings, I found these at Staples, you could also use ribbon instead of binder rings.

You will notice flaps in your book- Really fun to place journal cards, and extra photos in.  I liked to tab mine with scraps of ribbon- you can also make tabs out of your coordinating scraps of paper 

I was pleasantly surprised to find these adorable journal memo cards at Walmart Pack of 60 for only .98 cents :) These made the book even easier to assemble.

# 8 
Choose any Ribbons you'd like to use to add some softness to your album, I like using ribbon as page tabs.

# 9
Use your scraps, stickers, stamps- whatever you'd like to create a title and page borders with.  The scalloped edge & stickers were in the $ 5.00 scrapbook paper pack I found- i got to use lots of accents from that book to decorate each individual page with. 

Notice how this page is just decorated with stickers & scraps of paper on the edges 

Don't over think your project and you will be so happy with your results.  I used to plan all my scrapbook pages out to match my photos with- 
This time I dressed my book before accessorizing with photos, and embellishments, it was so much easier that way!
Have Fun!!!