Monday, August 25, 2014

Making Beautiful Memories...

In celebration of our 12th year anniversary; here is a repeat post from a couple years back...

I met a beautiful woman a while back behind me at the bank; with such an evident beautiful heart...She was 85 years old; her name was Millie. I guess I could say I didn't technically meet her but I had the honor to stand in the long line to hear a woman speak to me about just how beautiful her life has been thus far. This conversation began after her taking notice of my daughter Shianne; who she absolutely adored! 

You could just see fond memories flashing before her eyes as she looked at & commented on her freckles- at which point she told me she was a teacher her whole life; taught elementary and in her elder years opened up a daycare of her own which she expressed being sad the day she closed her doors. 

I just sat there in line listening to her knowing she was an awesome teacher! Not to mention a woman who lived her life well; she spoke of traveling the world with her sweet husband Stan who went to heaven about a year ago. This was a woman who dearly misses her husband- but who could see the good in all. Her treasured memories of her sweet husband glowed through her eyes as she spoke of their memories together. 

This is why I love old couples, and the wisdom they have gained together- by living selflessly, the true joy they have found in accepting each other, and building one another up through the years. It shows in the way they look at each other. It was as if that day, she was looking into her sweet Stans' eyes as she spoke of all their joyful memories. 
You could tell it was enough...just enough to get her through that day. 

So today I am reminded as we head into our 12th year of marriage to make memories. Make memories that will last forever- and treasure that Man I love so dearly, the same way I did when I first fell in love. 
To hold onto those precious memories and feelings I had when we met, went on our 1st date, spoke the words "I Love You", shared our first kiss, committed our lives to each other, began our family, and strengthened our faith in God through the trials we have shared. 

As I think on these things and the many more memories that are yet to come- I don't ever want to forget to "GLOW" in love the way Millie did that fine day. 

Happy Anniversary to Us...and to many more beautiful memories together! 
I Love You Jay Arthur! :) 

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Question Is...

The question is- "How do they see you"?  

Take a step outside your own little world, look at your children in every interaction, and before you respond or react watch yourself, and ask "How do my children see me?"

If I'm truthful they would completely see me as a massive stress case.  Always running around with my head cut off and rushing everyone out the door for everything.  Not leaving as much time as I wish to just listen.  Even when I listen, I find myself reacting which makes them not want to talk to me about much of anything.  

Instead of the negative things they see; how bout flipping that around today - and think on at least 10 things you want your children to see when they see you.  


in the next ten days; to remain focused jot down 1 thing for everyday that you felt good about.  Let's face it us Mom's can be way too hard on ourselves that any little regret can sometimes remove all the positive we've instilled in our homes that very day, we forget the good when we focus on the not so good moments.  Let's take this time to focus on the positive, so we can truly see the benefits, and watch God work through us in our homes.

My ten are:

1. A Mother who Loves them no matter what!
2. A Mother who planted self esteem within them through all trials.
3. Organized
4. Giving and Kind Hearted
5. Involved not hidden away
6. Patient Mother
7. Not afraid to be a kid
8. One who really listens with all her heart; quick to listen- slow to speak
9. A Mother who sees mistakes as an opportunity for growth, not defeat
10. Most of all a Mother who puts God first; because without Him, I can't imagine being able to do all of the above.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday} Bloom

When I think of the word bloom I envision beautiful buds of flowers aching to see what the heavenly skies have to offer--- just reaching- reaching for something much better.
Displaying the beauty in every single precious petal, created by God himself.
I also see another side to bloom;
within those blooms petals fall... slowly fall and wither away.
The beauty of Gods creation is within each and every single one of them;
you see He is perfect; what withers away in each of those blooms He WILL rebuild.
With each petal that falls comes new life; the old has gone away to make room for the new.
I just love how God displays His works in the every day.
The way He constantly shows us the falling away of the petals; and through those withered crumpled up soft velvety petals comes a new bloom.
 The way He shows us that we will constantly be stripped away of what is no longer needed,
to make room for what He only knows we need.
Therefore I choose to rejoice where He will guide me to Bloom, aching to see what His Heavenly skies have to offer-
and rejoice in His plan for when I wither-
knowing that He will never fail,
allowing me to Bloom Forever in His Mighty Hands.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five Minute Friday} Writer

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To become a writer...
I've often wondered how writers can continue to write during the dry seasons of life.
During the storms when the words are tucked deep within a place they cannot yet be pulled out.
How can one become a regular writer when the words don't always come.
As I ask myself this question, I realize that during the storms and dry seasons of life I MUST continue to write.  
Keep that journal tucked safely in the drawer next to my bed and don't forget that not everything a writer writes must be published- and when put in that context I see I am a writer, and it's okay to sometimes go into reflect mode privately.  It is a season God stirs within us the words He wants me to hear- and He will give me peace about the words that He would want me to share.  
I guess I am not becoming a writer...
I already Am.


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break is in Session!

AND THEN... The Dog Whisperer...

The pool has been visited by us twice on the hot days, the rainy days have kept us in all snug. The first flower buds are peaking through with an array of color in our backyard. 

 I love Spring Break, having my children home with me- just planning our day depending on whatever the weather will bring.
It's been a while since I've written- while I have reflected a TON - I have yet to be given the words; so for now I will leave you with pictures of Jimmy's first ever Soccer game!!! He played great!!


Last but not least; my Favorite shot of the game... 
To watch Jimmy play his heart out on his first game ever, with other kids who have played for years made me so proud of our boy for 
getting out there- giving his all- and doing a GREAT job at it- ALL at the same time. 
I Love him so much!!!