Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

This Girl!!!  I adore her!!! This picture just sums up who she is- FULL of SPUNK-FUN ∧ LOADS OF LOVE!!!

These pictures were taken to find just the right head shot for an audition through our local city, called Temecula Idol!  I took so many that it was really hard to decide which one to use- I chose the one above with the help of a little vote I had going on my facebook page. 

She sang in front of everyone- Blew me away with her confidence in speaking to the judges-  This little Light sure did shine!!!

Keep on Shining!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Trip! Summer 2012

I just love the beach!  If I could live there I totally would!  The worst part is leaving it after a fun day.  That might also be because packing up with sand all over the place can be a real pain!  But...Still worth it!  Thank you to my good friend Kerry for inviting us and driving us down thereto hang with her kiddos- We had a Blast!!! 
Here's to the 1st trip of many more to come.
This is pretty much what my little athlete does the entire time...

Jimmys 1st time boogy boarding (How do you spell that? lol)

He wants surfing lessons so bad!

My boys with their life-long buddy Michael...

Ya Buddy!!!!!!!!!!

Paddling out- He so got this off the soul surfer movie...
Girls will be girls...
Looks like a paparazzi photo: lol
Girls will also have fun!!! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Beautiful Grandma Bell...

It was a happy day in heaven when my sweet Great Grandma Belle " Sweet Lily Dutton" arrived! She lived this earth as a Mother, Grandmother, great Grandmother, AND "great-great" grandmother; she was always so proud of that!

She's the woman who taught me how to roller-skate when I was 5.  

She's the one who loved her coffee in small tea cups-"little"- just like her.

Oh- and we all got it from her; we ADORE our sweets!!! With coffee of course.

Her memory makes me smile from my heart.  My heart has been touched by this sweet strong willed, little firecracker Great Grandmother of mine.  
She was 92 when she went home to be with Jesus.  Up until that day she made sure everyone at the nursing home knew who Jesus was.  My Aunt Heidi,  Grandmother, Mother, Cousins, Nephew, Sister, Mandy and Papaw spent countless days by her side and have some beautiful things to say about how she lived her life this past year.  She was a little preacher.
She  is my Papaws' Mother;
never in my life have I seen such a beautiful relationship between Mother and Son as I saw in them.

 When my Papaw entered the room her eyes lit up with the most endearing smile you ever saw!  The love she has for him was written all across her face.  I've always adored my Papaw; there's never been any denying that; the way he spoke to his Mother- the way he kissed her goodbye after visits- and called it giving her Sugars, the way he so kindly updated her on what her hair lady was doing, all the people that wanted to know how she was, and my Papaw is a funny man- he always cracks some kind of joke; and no matter how bad my Grandma Bell felt; he had the ability as her son to make all her pain disappear!
I've never seen anything like it; their bond is a bond that will be shared for eternity!
I thank God for my sweet Grandma Bell, and thank Him for welcoming her into heaven to watch over all of us; I thank God that I see her happiness and her youth; and her pain gone away- I thank God for such an awesome Great Grandmother; and for all these years to have her in my life, and my children's as well.  I hope she knows how much her life has touched ours.
Her presence on this earth will deeply be missed; at the same time we entrust her into the care of our Heavenly Father; where we know she is just dancing away...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Summer Time!!!

Contrary to what my husband might think (because he found this picture)  I do not take as many pictures of myself as you may think.  
This was just a blogging moment; such a blogging moment because it was taken on the last day of school!  
Please note I am not in the passenger seat; I guess when you take pictures of yourself it reverses you- lol! 
This is a Momma ready to tackle anything this Summer ( at least I'll try) ;)  
I promise you I was not driving while I took this; my car was safely placed in park, and I swear I couldn't think of anything else to do while waiting.  I was sooooo excited- and soooooo eager for that school bell to ring.  
There was a peace inside me knowing there would be no more homework, no more projects, no more waiting in this forever carpool lane!!! 
 I was so happy to start our Summer- with nothing exactly planned; but I like it that way! 
 I have the chance to spend more time with my kiddos; and not turn as many friends down for special requests; such as taking pictures for one of my dearest friends, of her precious children.  
As I was looking through these today I felt the urge; that this too- was a blogging moment- and I can't take credit for all of these; because my daughter took a few- Boy oh Boy does she have an eye for photography! 

 They are just too cute for words- LITERALLY!!!

 Here are my children; and my friends' older children- They get along FAMOUSLY!!! They used to be next door neighbors just a month ago.


credit: the following photos were taken by: Shianne 

I told you she was good!  :)