Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show and tell!

I finally finished a couple layouts that I was working on this past summer; that was actually the last time I scrapbooked! My sister in law came over and we cropped together for as long as we could; as usual we didn't get much done :) but I finally finished what we started. :)

This was not very easy to work with; I liked the paper when I bought it; but trying to work with a big print on a page wasn't very fun. It didn't come out quite as I expected; then again what layout ever does?
Okay and brace yourself because this is hysterical!!! I went upstairs to check on the kids the other day and found that my older daughter had dressed her brothers up as girls! Priceless... total blackmail pictures for when they get older. lol :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll leave you with these pictures of Brenden at his schools feast... he's quite the ladies man in class; I had 3 moms asking me if they could get a picture of Brenden with their daughters; they supposedly love him... he really is so sweet to everyone! I'm a very proud Mama!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a beautiful book!

I read it; cried and cried and cried- it was beautiful! Words cannot describe it- you'll just have to read it!!! :) Kerry don't worry it's coming your way. :) You will be touched!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to take a break...

With the kids out of school this week; and not a bunch of running around to do I can't wait to finish reading "Room of Marvels". I tried reading it one night and had tears streaming down my face. It was really hard to put down; but somehow I didn't have the time to pick it back up. It has been sitting on my end table ever since. Well this is the week!!!! I cannot wait to read it; I'm gonna brew myself a pot of coffee; sit in bed and read in silence... I am prepared to be blessed! :)
Here is the narrative on the back cover:
Tim Hudson has finally arrived at God’s address—Tim is at the end of his rope.

The writer of Christian books, Tim has a beautiful family and good friends. But the last two years have brought him to a crisis of faith. Tim’s best friend and kindred spirit Wayne, a famous Christian musician, was killed suddenly and tragically in an auto accident. "What a waste." Tim’s mother, that faithful saint who had been his touchstone and a gentle guiding presence his whole life, is also taken from him suddenly. "Where do I turn for direction now?" And the hardest of all, Tim and his wife Rachel’s two-year-old daughter, Madison, who had been born with severe physical challenges, is killed in a senseless medical accident. "God, even though she was broken, we still wanted to be with her."

Now Tim, the one who turns answers into best-sellers, is looking for answers himself. During a desperate retreat to a spiritual center to seek God, God sends Tim on a guided journey to a glimpse of the wonders that await him, and that his departed loved ones now share.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inspired tonight...

I've only read Melody Ross' blog probably 3 times in a whole 2 years; I was drawn to her blog tonight; and her most recent posting has touched my heart. I really needed it. If you look on her blog site her posting on November 4th was an answer to my prayers; so inspiring... the following is a quote from another one of her posts which I LOVE!!!


What is being brave?
It doesn't mean that you aren't scared...or confused. It doesn't mean that you know exactly what to do.
It DOES mean, that you keep going even THOUGH you ARE scared, sad, confused....
and even though you have NO IDEA what to do next.
means that you stay exactly who you are...even when everything changes.
you believe the feelings in your gut...and you listen to the birds and you listen to your heart,
that you ignore all of the other voices around you. (except God's of course)
holding yourself together when life seems to be falling apart
when you can't hold it together, then....
SOMETIMES the BRAVEST thing that you can do to let GOD hold you together...
to give HIM your pain, fear, confusion and sadness.
knowing that things will ALWAYS work out somehow
(AND being brave means accepting God's timetable for working things out)
Love is SO brave.
(Melody Ross)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

Candy anyone??? I cannot believe how much candy we have in this house? FREE CANDY!!! ; Mom & Dad come on over and get yours! :) hahaha. You think I'm kidding.
Shianne was a fashionable vampire for halloween; she looks so much older in these pictures- very photogenic.

This is our adorable neighbor from across the street; he went trick or treating with us. His Momma is gonna love these pictures...

Brenden was out patrolling the streets! :)
Here are our carved pumpkins; we didn't do too bad we knocked 3 out in 2 hours.... Being the last minute person that I am I waited to carve pumpkins when the kids got out of school on the day of Halloween... Heres the cat...
Casper the friendly ghost...
Half Moon and stars...
Our adorable trick or treaters (I didn't get many pictures of Jimmy) :(
Look at that make-up... only for Halloween... no I am not one of those pageant Moms :)

Jimmys class picture before they went trick or treating round the offices; he is the quiet one all the way to the left- he always looks so serious at school-
I hope everyone else had a fun and safe Halloween night! Don't forget if anyone wants some free candy come on over. :)