My Faithful Journey

I sat on my bed in my very cute, 1st one bedroom apartment.  There were beautiful Victorian pillows; next to it was my nightstand with a feminine tablecloth draping down to the floor of my bedroom.

I had just hung up the phone with my Sister...(because she was the only one that I told)....

I put down my pen and journal; in which I had just written a note to my daughter, (I didn't know she was a girl at the time)....... I had just found out that I was pregnant.

I knew things were gonna be different,
I also knew I didn't do things the right way, and there would be a lot of shocked people in my family.

That was the night!
The night I cried out to God with everything I had-
I knew it was time to come back home; not to my parents house, but to dwell in Gods presence.
I will never forget that night alone in my one bedroom apartment, about to be a single Mother working two part-time jobs at minimum wage- just "barely" being able to afford this cute little one bedroom apartment, that just screamed independence, to realize...
I- needed- to go back- to -my -roots.

I heard so much growing up about being a Christian,
about how much Jesus loves me, and that He forgives,
and that He died on the cross for my sins.
Never were those things I learned growing up so real to my heart and innermost soul, until this night.
I learned of the Holy Spirit growing up,
I remembered that-
So I prayed and prayed for Gods' forgiveness that night like never before! 
I pleaded with Him to give me His Holy Spirit in my heart so I would know what to do-  
the feeling of His peace just washed over me,
I felt His peace cleanse my Soul-
I felt Him carry my weight; all the worry- all the fear-
He took it ALL!!!
Let me tell you- my life has NEVER been the same!

Every time to this day that I need to cling to Him because I'm afraid; I literally feel Him leading my path. 
There is a verse in His word that tells us not to be afraid, for He is with us.  He promises to uphold me (and you) with His righteous right hand!
Oh there have been many a time I've felt Him do just that!!!
He makes me smile because He really does have it ALL under control-
He really does forgive-
and He really does make our paths straight! 
The day I found out my precious daughter was forming within me- my life forever changed!

God showed me His love though I had tried to do things my own way. 
He showed me so many things in His word throughout my pregnancy with Shianne that would prepare me to be her Mother. 
Never before had I seeked Him so much until that time-
my relationship grew stronger and stronger with each passing day- It was fun to talk to God!

I absolutely LOVED opening my bible to see what He was going to teach me next-
my heart was really reaping the rewards of earnestly seeking the One who created me!

Because of this time period in my life, I will always remember just how true His love is!
I say remember because I am human- I can get sucked into other things like anyone else!
If I didn't remember what He did for me then so vividly, then I wouldn't have learned that living without Him (though it may look cool and be fun to the world in the moment) is and never will be as fulfilling as living with Him-
I've lived them both-
I've said it before, and I'll say it again-
 I live with Jesus, and wouldn't have it any other way!!!
THAT'S why I write about Him and the things He's done for me!  I am forever grateful for the things He has blessed me with- Sometimes so much that I want to shout it from the rooftops!

One of my first all time favorite worship songs said this...
"A city on a hill cannot be hidden, shine your light before all men
and Praise your Father up in Heaven"

Do you know people denied Jesus?  
Because He did good things?
We can so easily get involved in things that are completely against what He is teaching us; because it's accepted,
 no accountability needed because it looks easier to live life in a way that makes you feel good at the time,
AND it's socially acceptable-
so socially acceptable that people are so sensitive to reading a blog, or a post that states the name of Jesus in it.  That has sadly become the not so norm.

The Bible says once we are saved to no longer conform to the patterns of this world- 
and NOT because He doesn't want us to have fun- but instead because He loves us that much;
 He sees harm in things we may not-
and He knows that kind of happiness is a lie;
I have found that to be true MANY times- trust me!

This is why I praise Him!  This is why I blog about all He's done; because it's one of the many ways He opens my eyes to what He is doing.

No matter what road in your life your on-
if you have strayed away-
He is just waiting for you with open arms to come Home! 
To let Him make your paths straight.
That is why we were put here on this earth,
we all need a Savior;
we were not meant to walk this earth alone. 
No human on this earth can fulfill what only He can!

We serve a loving Savior- who forgives- guides- and leads the way;
I am an example of His loving forgiveness, and hand placed  on my life.  
He will never let go, He hasn't let go of you either!

The moment that I knew would change my life forever is when I let go and allowed God to show me what He knew i needed to know about Him! 

And this all started with the miracle of my sweet, precious daughter Shianne; 
He used her to show me I needed Him in my life.  
Shortly after Shianne was born God blessed both of us with bringing my husband into our lives- 
This was a great example of Gods love for her and I !

He blesses us when we are obedient to Him.  
He even blessed my husband and I with two amazing boys!!! 
God writes our story; we are the characters; and He has so much more in store for us-
Our story is not finished yet...


  1. Oh I am just speechless! What a beautiful story and written so well!!!
    I love you sweetheart! Aunt Heidi

  2. Heather, what a beautiful testimony. I love how God used a desperate situation to draw you back to him and give you the love only He can. I, too, know firsthand how life-changing his love is and once you've tasted it, there truly is no going back. Thank you for sharing this. Powerful words of freedom here. -Abby (visiting from Live Free)