Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catching Up!

I keep looking at pictures on my camera thinking I've got to blog these; but my time has been very limited lately. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
Quite a bit to share- My Son Brenden received his 1st award at school for showing "Heart" . Brenden was in a memorial day bike parade last Friday (the cutest thing ever!). Man kindergarten is such a fun grade!!! We also did some crafting and baking brownies yesterday with our neighbor across the street Chase. Keeping busy.
Today my daughter Shianne will be part of a Living Wax Art museum- she is playing Annie Oakley; she looks adorable- can't wait to video and take pictures later! ;)
Til next time.
Lot's of great things happening for our family right now; please pray for us that every move we make be directed by God. Amen.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am so blessed!

Happy Mothers Day to all! Especially you Mom... you are such a blessing to me; words cannot even describe. :) I Love you so much!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Low key weekend at home...

I haven't taken pictures of the kids in a couple weeks; that is a long time for me to not pick up my camera. This weekend was a low key weekend spent at home; cleaning, organizing & just enjoying each other's company.
I cracked up at a perfect blogging moment- Jay and I were in the kitchen while the kids were playing outside; we told them to stay on the sidewalk because we hadn't picked up the dog-"Stuff" in the backyard yet; well as we looked out our kitchen window we were pleasantly surprised to see Shianne picking up the dog "stuff" without even being asked; and her brothers were helping too! It was soooo funny. I just had to go grab my camera and capture this memorable moment.
After they were done; the kids washed their hands, and Shianne made lunch for her brothers. They made a picnic on the patio- I love watching them get along so nicely- these memories as siblings they'll hold on to forever.

Oh... and Lucky Charms are the worst!!! I crack up at the whole grain Calcium & Vitamin D on the label... you may be wondering why this is bloggable- lol I just decided to take a picture of the kids bowl after eating Lucky Charms...

Notice no charms??? Am I the only one whose kids just eat the marshmallows!!!??? Very frustrating... Sooooo next time when my kids ask for Lucky charms I will show them this picture; so they will know why we no longer buy them. :) I'll get them a bag of Kraft Marshmallows instead for a special treat- not for breakfast.