Friday, December 8, 2017


Bouncing atop his shoulders, this giddy little dirty blonde haired girl, picking fruit from trees along the way; talking about every historical detail; learning about life, caring for others and seeing the utter joy in my heroes eyes.

This hero is my Papaw.

The man who I never knew worked;

I always thought he made a living off of being a Father, Papaw & a friend to all,

 I thought this because - I was right.

Even though he had a job and supplied for his family & so many others he truly knew what it meant to make a living, by receiving his pay, the kind that makes you truly happy...he was paid by deposits into his heart of love and gratitude from those he served on a daily basis.

He is a man I will never not look up to, and a day doesn't go by that I don't smile at him above.

His journey to me is still a beautiful one, and so worthy of thanking God for the incredible impact he made on my life.

My Papaw will forever be my hero.

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