Thursday, February 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday} "Ordinary"

It has been a not so ordinary day.
It's actually been a not so ordinary past year, 
the world around me spins with uncertainty, 
and some fear of whether I've made,
or am making good decisions as a Wife and Mother.
I sometimes take a moment, 
close my eyes, 
and just try to breathe in the ordinary, 
I just want an ordinary day!  Please!
Jesus whispers in my heart that
Ordinary doesn't leave much room for growth, 
through all of this uncertainty He is anything but ordinary.
And because He is anything but ordinary
I can trust that He will make my sometimes not so ordinary days
into a beautiful masterpiece...
all His own!

"He knows that what may be a tremendous blessing for you later could completely wreck your life now.  For this reason, though the Lord hears your prayer, He often pauses to give you time to prepare for that blessing" - Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries


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  1. :) Love this! Great quote at the end too! I have had a difficult year... lots of "pruning" so this was timely! :)

    Stopping by from FMF. First time visitor!

  2. Thank you Alissa :) Yes lots of pruning for sure- lol So glad we can share the same feeling.

  3. I love that line "Ordinary doesn't leave much room for growth"

  4. Really nice post. I can relate! It hasn't been "ordinary" for me the past year either. Many changes and challenges still going on, but you brought words of comfort here. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes for you in 2013.

  5. I love this .... I love your blog... thank you for sharing your FMF