Friday, July 15, 2011

What in the world is a Minion?

"I like to think that we are like Gods Minions"! This statement coming straight out of the mouths of babes!!!

This coming from my youngest son; who is 7, after a disagreement with his big sister over respecting each others wishes.
Jimmy was asked to please stop drumming by his older sister- his human reaction was not to listen- her human reaction was to get upset & I mean really upset. And well you know where this went-
straight to both of them being in trouble!
Neither one of them wanted to let go.

God was showing me that this was one of those times to use what happened as an opportunity to teach a life lesson- one that would go deeper than the usual "because I said so"- and the "don't do that because it's just mean & not nice"!

Nope this was an opportunity to let God show me what they needed to hear, and not just hear- but learn and live out. We talked together about how important it is to be people who help one another- and sometimes that means letting go of our own desires-and respecting others wishes.

We talked about how there is a real enemy that wants to try his best using even the littlest things like banging a drum and annoying your big sister. How he uses these little things that turn into big things to cause division in a family.

Gods whole purpose of family is to be united- and to help each other so we can live out His plan & "good" will in the world. I did tell them that God doesn't expect us to be perfect by any means; only one person walked this earth in perfection- and His name is Jesus! Instead because He loves us sooooooo much he wants us to be aware of what the enemy tries to use to cause division from each other, and even in our relationship with our Father in heaven. We need to be aware- be on the same team; because that is Gods will in our life- and it is for our GOOD!

This is where Jimmy just sat so deep in thought on our top step; and said
"I like to think that we are like Gods Minions"!

"Gods Minions?- lol What are minions"? I ask.- "You know people who help people. We are Gods minions and we help Him to show goodness to others"- WOWZA!!! Did my son just preach to me? Did he just relate to what God was trying to show him? He sure did! So of course I had to look up the definition of a minion because I am by no means a Star Wars know it all like my son.

The Definition of a minion:
"A minion is a follower devoted to serving his master relentlessly."

That is completely what we are here on earth to do. I felt so blessed to have been taught something myself; in the process of teaching my children. "LIGHTBULB GOING OFF" -
And "THAT" is why a "because I said so" and "don't do that because it's just mean & not nice" would not have been nearly as rewarding; we did our job as Gods Minions that day and kicked that enemy right out of our home by speaking such beautiful truths.
Last month I focused on Faith- this month I have been focusing on Goodness. And God definitely is GOOD- so GOOD to me, and so GOOD to us! He wants us to keep our eyes open, and avoid the things that distract us from His loving care.

"Make every effort to live in peace with all men and be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many." Hebrews 12:14-15

By the way this is also a minion in cartoon form from the movie "Despicable Me"

I'd like to think that we are cuter minions than him. :) Although he is kinda cute!

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  1. Thank you, Heather! Talk about "Godly" timing! Yesterday, my kids were fighting (the two oldest) and I lost my temper because I was at a loss. I just felt out of ammo, out of answers, out of patience. I am so glad I read this blog. I am going to revisit yesterday's event with the kids. I will start with an apology and then read them the verse from Hebrews. Then hopefully have a productive talk of our own!