Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday} "True"

I'm writing this Friday on Saturday- with the word True. 
Not worrying whether it is right or not- 
I'm supposed to just write.  
That's what I love about Five minute Friday, 
not worrying allows True to blurt out on my keyboard without interruption.  
This week I have been true- truly truthful :) 
As a Mom of three beautiful children, I know I need to see them each individually for who they truly are. 
Not who I shape them to be.
To do that they need to see me be true to them, and myself  in every since of being a Mom.  
True in investigating each and every one of their personalities.
Instead of creating one for them.
True to see them through this life we've been given as a gift,
so they will be inspired to pursue Gods calling, no matter what they face.  
True in allowing them to feel their real feelings and not wondering if they are right or not.  
Because I learned this week, "Feelings aren't right or wrong, they just are".
Just as I honestly type out these words on my keyboard to without interruption appear on my computer screen, 
they should be able to honestly voice their true feelings...
knowing their words will reflect off of their Mothers loving eyes. 
 A Mother who will see them through this sometimes crazy world we live in.  
A Mother who will see the world through their little eyes to find the beauty they see in it...
and join them in it's God given magnitude.


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