Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peltzers Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun at Peltzers! It was our 1st time there; it's a beautiful drive down to wine country. I live very close yet the last time I drove in that direction was at Ed & Jens wedding anniversary about 6 years ago! It is very gorgeous out there.
Picking just the right pumpkin was no chore for Shianne and Brenden; Jimmy took his sweet time; and decided on this cute little white one- they do know how to pick a good pumpkin if I do say so myself. ;)

I love this picture of Shianne:

Playing in the hay is always fun; I found out this day for the very 1st time that my husband is allergic to hay. Poor guy!

Shianne took a couple pictures of Jay and I ; don't you just love all those porta-potties behind us! lol

The kids loved the corn maze

And the pig races; one of the funniest things we have ever seen!

The sunflowers were beautiful...

Off I go; Jimmys trick or treating at his preschool today; can't miss it! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog make-over and Crazy hair day...

Don't you just love my new blog design? I can't stop looking at it! Yesterday after blogging I was trying to change my background and lost EVERYTHING! I ended up spending the entire day fixing it! Well wah-la look what came out of it; a beautiful place to reflect. :) I lifted the background from the site that Kerry used- aqua poppy designs- there are some beautiful -AND FREE - backgrounds to choose from... Love it!!!

It is red ribbon week at Shianne and Brendens school this week! Today was crazy hair day- when they woke up this morning they could not wait to have their hair done! (even Jimmy) Aren't they adorable?

I still need to share pictures of our family outing to Peltzers this past weekend; the plan is to post those tomorrow. Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moon Sand Fun!!!

We had our nieces over this weekend for a sleepover! The cousins play so well together! They had a lot of fun- at one point Saturday night we had 7 kids in our house!!! 7- thats a lot! They were all very good though. As you can tell I'm gonna need more of that patience I talked about in my last post to clean up my house. I was thinking that maybe I should just clean it and stop saying it so much! I wonder how many times in a week I actually say I need to; or I am cleaning my house. Wow theres a thought I say it way too much- it has overloaded my mind- I think I need to stop that! :) I'm going to enjoy the life God intended us to enjoy and stop panicking over a clean house- I think it's some kind of addiction- Thanks Mom (it's hereditary you know) ! Love you! :) Here are some pictures of our weekend with our nieces... (and neighbor) :)
Jay also rescued a rabbit that almost drowned in a puddle of water out back- theres some pictures of that too! I swear Jane we had all the kids scrub their hands after petting this wild creature! ;) We set it free the next day.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wow It's been a long time since I've blogged...

So so so so so so much going on these days! Looking for any spare moment to just chill! :) It has been a blast though; I'm finally coming to terms with my house being messy on a more regular basis than usual. It really is hard for me to let that go sometimes; Lord help me. :) Brendens in baseball; even though we are rushed I love hanging out at the field watching his games. Especially the little pee pee dance he does by 3rd inning! lol.
Shianne is in gymnastics once a week; she loves it! Her and I were both shocked last night when she did a back bend all by herself with no one spotting her; the look on her face; (mine too) we were shocked !
Jimmy - poor Jimmy he just gets tagged along everywhere we go- although he's shown an interest in soccer- so here goes more busy-ness to add to our schedule.
Needless to say the crockpot; pizzas, and bagged salads have become the new norm for our family. :) I love being on the go; -not the going - but once i'm on the go I'm fine; it's like a sense of accomplishment- I did it; with whining screaming kids! Looking to God definitely gives me that patience when I need it the most! It's very hard to explain but so very true! I am reading the greatest book by Charles Stanley called "How to keep your kids on your team" thank you Mom for this book! It has such great advice in it; such wisdom! I love Charles Stanley he is so humbling. This really helps with the balance of all these extra curricular activities; lowers the stress level a great deal! :)
Today my nieces are coming over to stay the night; that'll be fun- I just might break out the moon sand! :) I'll post more soon. Gotta get ready! :)