Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five Minute Friday} Writer

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To become a writer...
I've often wondered how writers can continue to write during the dry seasons of life.
During the storms when the words are tucked deep within a place they cannot yet be pulled out.
How can one become a regular writer when the words don't always come.
As I ask myself this question, I realize that during the storms and dry seasons of life I MUST continue to write.  
Keep that journal tucked safely in the drawer next to my bed and don't forget that not everything a writer writes must be published- and when put in that context I see I am a writer, and it's okay to sometimes go into reflect mode privately.  It is a season God stirs within us the words He wants me to hear- and He will give me peace about the words that He would want me to share.  
I guess I am not becoming a writer...
I already Am.


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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break is in Session!

AND THEN... The Dog Whisperer...

The pool has been visited by us twice on the hot days, the rainy days have kept us in all snug. The first flower buds are peaking through with an array of color in our backyard. 

 I love Spring Break, having my children home with me- just planning our day depending on whatever the weather will bring.
It's been a while since I've written- while I have reflected a TON - I have yet to be given the words; so for now I will leave you with pictures of Jimmy's first ever Soccer game!!! He played great!!


Last but not least; my Favorite shot of the game... 
To watch Jimmy play his heart out on his first game ever, with other kids who have played for years made me so proud of our boy for 
getting out there- giving his all- and doing a GREAT job at it- ALL at the same time. 
I Love him so much!!!