Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

Take the opportunity we all have- YES- YOU!!!

You are given an opportunity, a chance, and what an AWESOME ONE IT IS!

This my sweet friend is "THE" opportunity of a lifetime!

It is the opportunity to walk with Jesus.

To allow Him to guide your every step.

Feeling His embrace of Love when you fail, when you are hurt, and when NO HUMAN could possibly heal your pain.

I know this because my Jesus is my opportunity!

No opportunity on this earth compares; unless He's provided it!

How do you know?

You'll know... He's really good at that!

And for that He'll ALWAYS make you smile!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Packed on Mothers Day!!!

Yes our family is moving again!!! 
This counts as our 9th move since we started our cute little family. I am so happy to say that we aren't moving far; just 5 minutes away. I'm even happier to report that we have been blessed again by awesome landlords; and we wont be moving again for 2 more years- 
Our goal is to purchase our home; for hopefully what will be our 10th, and final move. Long Long story of how everything was orchestrated to find this house; 
if you have been looking to rent a home recently, you would know how hard it has become. 
 But I can tell you this in short "GOD IS GOOD- ALL THE TIME"!!! 
He orchestrated it all- and I am just so overjoyed! 
We did our walk through yesterday; and let me tell you- our new landlords' wife; this sweetheart of a lady knows how to clean!!! She so has blessed me with this; I couldn't stop thanking her for what I know was "VERY" hard work. A ginormous weight was lifted off my shoulders when we walked through the house, knowing amongst kids baseball, Shiannes' astrocamp, work &; end of school year activities - that I only have one house to detail clean; instead of two. If you know me; you know what I mean by deep cleaning- I am nutsy thorough!
I am so blessed that she is too!
The kids took such a cute picture for Grandma Mothers Day gifts... They are growing so fast!
My sweet husband and kids bought me my 1st ever Dutch Oven!!! I have wanted one of these for a long long time. I am itching to use it!
Gotta love breakfast in bed and homemade cards...
I really should stop blogging- and get back to moving!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Identity

If anyone knows how to instill the true meaning of identity; it would be my Mother. Identity is how others identify who we are. Like an I.D. on our drivers license- it is how we are identified. My Mother always instilled in me a true sense of character. The desire to be identified as a follower of Christ, in the character I display. That is the only identity that truly matters; I am so happy that I had a Mother growing up that instilled in me a desire to do what’s right; so that when I do not do what is right, or act out of my natural human desire; I have planted in me another kind of desire, that is to be identified in Christ and not let my human desires control me. This is way different than worrying about what people think of me- that identity is very temporary and stressful; but instead being Identified by Christ; and living my life with eternity in mind; His opinion of me is the ONLY one that matters; because when we let Christ identify who we are we display His Love to the World! I want to share one of the most beautiful quotes I have ever read from Soul Surfers’ Bethany Hamiltons’ newsletter: "I don't want to be lazy, selfish, or half-hearted. I don't want business to get the best of me. I don't want relationships with those around me to wrongly effect my walk with the Lord. I want nothing to do with ungratefulness, and more... I want to be a smile on His face!"- Bethany Hamilton Absolutely Beautiful!!! _______________________________________________________________________

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a Smile

I was exiting the McDonalds drive through with my kiddos when I noticed a Mother with her young children in a mini-van to the left of me; she looked so stressed out, bewildered, tired, frustrated & just plain exhausted.   I know, because I've been that Mom many a time.  To my surprise our eyes met through our car windows; and I felt a smile light up across my face- you know the genuine you can feel the smile-smile>  Well that was mine- God gave it to me at that very moment; and I know He gave it to me just for her.  Because at that moment, through all the emotions that filled her face, she was able to have a feel the smile- smile moment herself!
Isn't it amazing what two strangers can share with just a smile?  Take notice of someone who needs to feel your smile today!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Real

Lately my eyes have been opened up to hurts and real emotions that people face.
I have prayed a lot lately that God give me a heart for those who are hurting; and to try to see His glory in every interaction I experience daily.  To stop, take a moment, and really pay attention.
Well....sometimes I forget
I forget to see why that person is not so nice,
I forget to see why that person talks badly of others,
I forget to see why that person seems so quiet, and keeps to themselves
The "why" is key...
There are REAL emotions going on behind how a person carries themselves.
I know because I'm human too!
I pray God shows me the why in others;
and thankful that HE reminds me
 this is what makes THEM and ME REAL; which He intended to be completely relational!


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