Friday, December 8, 2017


Bouncing atop his shoulders, this giddy little dirty blonde haired girl, picking fruit from trees along the way; talking about every historical detail; learning about life, caring for others and seeing the utter joy in my heroes eyes.

This hero is my Papaw.

The man who I never knew worked;

I always thought he made a living off of being a Father, Papaw & a friend to all,

 I thought this because - I was right.

Even though he had a job and supplied for his family & so many others he truly knew what it meant to make a living, by receiving his pay, the kind that makes you truly happy...he was paid by deposits into his heart of love and gratitude from those he served on a daily basis.

He is a man I will never not look up to, and a day doesn't go by that I don't smile at him above.

His journey to me is still a beautiful one, and so worthy of thanking God for the incredible impact he made on my life.

My Papaw will forever be my hero.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mothers Day Mom

The rush flows to my heart as swiftly as a gust of wind before the tears well up in my eyes.  This has become a common sense for me these days.  Usually brought on by the growing up of my sweet babies.
See, for me these are tears of happiness, mixed with pride and joy & usually a dash or two of fear.
My baby girl is entering her senior year, my oldest son is entering his first year of high school, while my youngest boy approaches his very last year of middle school.
These milestones get me every single time, and this Mother's day I can only pray to provide the kind of comfort to these sweet babies of mine that I always received from my Mom; and to this day... still do.
There's always been a warmth about her, in the best of times, and especially the worst of times.  I  can only pray & strive for her gift of compassion to flow through me,  so my children will experience the same kind of love that cannot accurately be described into words.

Mom, I love you like that!!! XOXO

Love Always,