Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One More Day...

Well it's official!!! There is exactly one more day before I close my facebook account- FOR GOOD!  
If anything; I've felt better and better about this decision to close my account more and more with each passing day.  
 If you are wondering what I am talking about; feel free to read the post written before this one.
I want to say thank you for all the encouragement I've received from friends and family (you know who you are).  I've also enjoyed some great conversations with people regarding this decision; that have proven I am not alone in this-  I can't thank you guys enough for speaking up, and encouraging a sister!  

"Make a powerful impact on the world simply by being the person God created "you" to be.  As you practice faithfulness, trust that He is at work!" - Charles F. Stanley

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Facebook...

Facebook and the Comparison Game:

Oh I so know why I have such negative feelings about Facebook; it can cause a person to get into the comparison trap; down to what people grew up to be, to how much more fun they seem to be having than me- jealousy is a dangerous, dangerous thing- and facebook can sadly consume us and trap us in the downward spiral of creating a spirit of jealousy.

You know what I mean; say a friend or family members constantly seem to be "Living the Life"!  And, well- you just haven't had the opportunity to do those things.

I found myself caught up in getting the jealousy bug, then expecting my husband and I to be doing the same things they were doing; and when he was clearly not as interested as the friends on facebook were to go to all these fun places-  I became heartbroken!!!

How damaging is that??? 
To place your value of your marriage based on others marriages across a computer screen!
It's just so unfair to our spouse!  
I know because I struggle with that.

That enemy- he knows what he's doing;
but I take heart and confidence that our God is so much bigger than him- and I CAN- THROUGH JESUS overcome all of this!

There is no need to be jealous; no need to compare because He has our journey set out for OUR marriage; and it has nothing to do with other peoples' marriages,
ours is unique,
ours is prayerfully led by Him- and therefore I will stand faithful in what He is showing me "here"!

And it doesn't end there...

The Judgemental Pit:

Facebook can also make me extremely judgmental and I know that is wrong- and SO against what God has taught us!

The judgmental pit; this is where we find a family member, friend, or a child of someone close to us that is clearly headed down a path of destruction; but instead of praying for them, we find ourselves judging them.
I say "we" because it makes me feel comfortable; in reality I mean "me"!  I have done this too many times to count and realize that facebook has become so damaging to my walk with Christ; I have shared things with other family members about others in my family, just based on what I was so shocked by on Facebook -
I know in my heart this is not where God can thrive through me!  Facebook to me is no good.
Anything that separates me from God is not beneficial- this I know.

And for me- I am being led; led by Christ to say goodbye to Facebook for good!!! 

 Yep- I'm closing my account!!!

I will be leaving my account open for one week, to give an opportunity to those to bookmark this blog; it is where I share my journey; the journey of the things God has taught me along the way!  This is where I speak my heart; and this is a place I feel so inspired by the many Christian blogs I read.

So if you'd like to stay in touch- please follow me here on my blog, or email me at heatherlapierre@gmail.com

I realize this may seem extremely drastic to some; but when I know, that I know- THAT I KNOW that HE is leading the way I am bound to follow- because HE has NEVER led me wrong!!!