Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday} "Wonder"

Photo Taken by: My sweet daughter.
Sometimes I wonder if I will know what my hands will peck at on my keyboard for Five Minute Friday.
Sometimes I wonder how blessed I'll be after reading someones' post on Five Minute Friday.
Sometimes I wonder if others feel the way I do;
and am reassured here 
at Five Minute Friday,
that I'm not alone in the many fears life brings my way.
Wonder is a word that brings with it a sense of the unknown.
Sometimes wonder can be scary,
and sometimes absolutely breathtaking.
It is in these moments of wonder 
where I will not cease seeking Gods very best!
I wonder...


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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thank You Dad

Thank you Dad.  

I've been thinking about you a lot this Thanksgiving Season; and just how grateful I am for you.

Thank you for always teaching me what silly does for the soul.  For the cute languages we would make on our car rides throughout town.  
 Your sayings; oh how they crack me up! 
 "Dang Squid, Mama Jama, Dad gum Punk" and so on hahahahaha.

Thank you for our countless hours playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo; because of you, to this day that is my favorite game.  It makes me think of you. 
You have always been a kid on the inside-
gotta love you for that; that's one of the many things that makes you so fun.

Your strength I admire with a loss for words.  I have watched you push through trials in your life and strive to become better through them all.
You have taught me to think twice, and not to live my life with regret.
I grew up seeing you go through so much pain; between my middle to high school years you experienced loss; of two of the most important people in your life; your only brothers. 
And just under a year ago the unexpected loss of your Father.
My heart has always ached for you; not ever having a clue how these events must have changed the course of your life dramatically.  
I saw you- 
I still see you sometimes when you ache-
 through all this pain I have a Dad who places so much value on life; more than most people I know.  Because of you our family never parts without saying "I Love You"; you taught me just how important that is.
You've shown me what it is to live life through the hardest of circumstances;
and how to have faith even when it is so hard.

Dad you are the epitome of Rockstar; you are "My Rockstar".  You showed this girl what rock music is; and because of you I agree; the Beatles were the best band EVER!
You love playing the guitar; and are by far Alice Coopers biggest fan!!! 
Do you have any idea how fun it is to talk about my Dad with my friends?  You are by far the coolest!!!
You love sports, street bikes (thank God your still here), cars- and you share your Grandsons love of motocross.

Yep; I've got a Starbucks Dad- I am so so so blessed!!! Your such a coffee shop kinda guy; I just Love It!!!!
Oh don't even get me started on movies; You ARE NETFLIX!- hahahaha.

Bottom line My Dad Rocks; that's all I can say;
and I am so Thankful He is my Dad!

I Love You Daddo!


Your Kiddo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday: "Thank You"

Thank You Jesus for never letting go of my hand;
all those times I've let go of Yours and wandered in my own direction;
Only to find
You never left.
Words cannot describe 
the beauty that comes in soaking up all of Your Love.
Thank You. 


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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Musical Sunday

Artist: JASON GRAY- 

What an awesome song to remind us all to remember who we are to our to God!

I'm going to share this amazing and beautiful comment that was posted on You Tube in response to this song.  No matter what life you have lived, no matter where you've been, what you've tried, or where you are now, God can heal your hardest struggles with sin;
if you'll just run to Him; and trust Him to show you who YOU are to Him!
Like the testimonial comment below.
That my dear; is the only thing that will matter the most; His love is the only Love strong enough to heal your toughest struggle.  I am so thankful that He Loves us so much!  

"It was not easy for you to remind me who I am. Too many years I thought I was gay and I lived in homosexuality. Coming out was good, I was loved. But soon after, for the first time I saw clearly the horrors and darkness of homosexuality. Then I ran to You and you healed me. You took homosexuality away and gave me the new life. Thank You that I belong to You.
Jesus, I know how much you love gays. I pray that they turn to you, like thousands of us, former gays, did, so you can heal them too."
(Written by: Sinsibal under the video comments )

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday} Stay

Stay here a little while.
It may not be where you expected,
It may not be where you think you should be,
and it may not even be comfortable here.

I am asking you to stay here.


Right where you are.
It is here you will grow,
It is here you will learn,
but you will have to stay.

Knowing I've placed you here
by My Almighty Power
stay here in My Presence.
It is in my Presence you will see hope
for the things that are yet to come.
You don't have to understand why just yet
but one very fine and beautiful day
you will.

So please 
 stay here in My word 
and trust that
your stay here
is for My Purpose!




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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Musical Sunday

My Favorite song this week! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inspirational Saturday

Love Looks Beyond 

by Ruth Bell Graham

You look at me and see my flaws;
I look at you and see flaws, too.
Those who love know love deserves
a second glance; each failure serves
another chance. Love looks to see,
beyond the scars and flaws, the cause;
and scars become an honorable badge
of battles fought and won—or lost—
but fought! The product, not the cost,
is what love sought.

God help us see beyond the now
to the before, and note with tenderness
what lies between—and love the more!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Minute Friday} "Quiet"

In the quiet,
I hear the words; 
even in the words that are not spoken.
I see it in their eyes.
Sometimes it's quiet moments like these
that God quiets my soul to see beyond someone; 
to step outside of myself,
and pay closer attention to the words that are said in the midst of silence.
Glancing over at the car next to me at the stoplight; I see her frustration;
and I pray for her.  
In the quiet,
there is lots to be heard.
Sometimes in the quiet you cannot hear their sadness,
but you can see it
In these quiet moments
I take a moment to pray
that I might understand the words that are not spoken
In the quiet of their precious souls.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Her Happiness and Fullfillment did not Depend on Her Circumstances"

“Her happiness and fulfillment did not depend on her circumstances,” the younger Ruth concluded. “She was a lovely, beautiful, and wise woman, because early in life she made Christ her home, her purpose, her center, her confidant, and her vision.”

Spoken by the younger Ruth Graham ; of her Mother; Ruth Graham- the wife of Evangelist Billy Graham

Did you know that Ruth Bell Graham was a beautiful writer?  I read all about her life here on this earth tonight on a website created in her memory- and was awestruck, I am just filled with tears of gratitude for finding this site, this very night. 
She was such a beautiful example to Mothers; and I didn't even know it until now.  

That makes her a beautiful example to us women, wives & Mothers; even today,
 through her heart written out on paper for all of us to treasure.

Thank you God for women like her,
who share their walk with you,
with their genuine honesty
all for your Glory!  

A Mother's Praying
Listen, Lord,
a mother's praying
low and quiet:
listen, please.
Listen what her tears
are saying,
see her heart
upon its knees;
lift the load
from her bowed shoulders
till she sees
and understands,
You, who hold
the worlds together,
hold her problems
in Your hands. 

When you have time; I urge you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, and maybe a small dessert, click on the beautiful website located on the picture above in this post.  
Spend some quality, quiet time on it!
This is not a site to just skim through
I promise you will not only be Blessed, but Inspired!  

Monday, November 5, 2012

What Not to Do Tomorrow...

You have to read and watch the video below; in light of voting day tomorrow; this is absolutely comical!!! Just click on the photo below of Rachel Olsen from Proverbs 31 Women so you can see what I'm talking about.
Enjoy, and Happy Voting! :)

Click to see- What Not to do Tomorrow Post by Rachel Olsen

Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Minute Friday} "Roots"

 The roots in my flower pot are planted deep within the soil.
But those very roots are also rotted.
No flower can bloom within them.
The old must die; and the new must come.
It is time to make a change in my pot of un-blooming flowers
and begin anew.
These roots are like the roots we were all born with-
we were born with imperfection,
sometimes the old must die-
before the new can bloom again
but it's okay-
 because we are like the brand new flowers you buy in the garden,
because of our roots in our Heavenly Father
we are able to be re-rooted
and re-planted many times.
It is here 
rooted in Christ alone
where we watch His beauty in us blossom!


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