Monday, February 27, 2012

Picture Perfect Memory Monday

Yes I have pictures floating around just wondering what they are doing siting in my computer. :)
The most recent; a beautiful night shared by Father and Daughter.

Aren't they just adorable??? I Love Love Love that I found the picture above on the left; this was Shiannes Kindergarten, Daddy Daughter dance- just think- in 6 more years she'll be 18! She is beautiful; we are so blessed by the light this little girl brings into our home.

How cute is this??? Literally on their way- Look at her smile- I am elated with Joy FOR SURE!!!!

Then we go to super bowl Sunday- It's taken a while for the pain to heal- lol. Obviously our Pats didn't win- so needless to say- it completely explains the delayed post of pictures. All in all we had a great time with our neighbors; we had Pioneer Womans Hot Wings and girlie girl Asian Wings- BEST WINGS I've ever had- and made for that matter!!!!! We had Special dip made by my hubby- homemade salsa first time ever home made guacamole - It was a TOTAL SUPER BOWL FEAST!!!!

Our beautiful neighbors with their beautiful twins...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

TRUST: Five Minute Friday on Saturday :)

WOW! Boy oh boy the word "Trust" has just been put into practice this past week!

My husband was laid off his job just a week and a half ago. He was offered another position within the same company if he wanted it, this would require us to move 8 hours away from all our family and friends.

We've done this before, and we've only been back a year. It was a lot of hard work to get our family back to Southern California (which we totally call home!)

The thought of moving our kids again was very hard. Through that rough time; this past week I got to watch God make something beautiful out of my family- I watched my husband lead our family and give it to God, praying earnestly that the right decision would be made.

I watched him- and my children pray and trust in God down to the last 30 minutes of the final decision.
Those prayers were music to my ears. The words "Bloom where you are Planted" were stuck in my head (thanks to Tiffany Thurston who spoke on this at the Becoming Girls conference just last month)- I knew that no matter where God would place us, that wherever that was, we were to do just that! I was prepared.

My husband was ready to fax in his acceptance offer to the company that would have us move- within 30 minutes of faxing it in we received an offer from another company that would enable us to stay here.

This is why we praise God, this is why we trust in Him, and now we get to bloom where He has planted us- BLOOM in the trust we have in Him, who listens and answers prayers-
even if we have to wait til the last minute!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Our Basketball Player...

Watching her drive and determination in her first basketball game- left me with no words to describe how beautiful it was to see.
To see her strive to be at her best, despite being the only 6th grader on her team of 7th and 8th graders.
Finding her rhythm in a game so new to her- and visibly enjoying every minute of it!
Shianne has been through so much this year trying to find her place in a new school, with adolescent changes and moods kicking in full force- It was great to watch her out on that court venting that energy in such a positive way. Seeing determination in her eyes, and a drive to strive with everything she's got brings tears to this mamas eyes. I just love her so much!!!

* This score was amazing in itself; our school only has a team of 6 girls plus a sub player- this team had about 20- our girls were exhausted and gave it their all their first game. WAY TO GO RANCHO CHRISTIAN!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Real

What is it really to truly be Real?

Can we honestly be real without the guidance of our Heavenly Father?

Throughout the twists and turns of my life I am finally coming to grips with the answer to that question. Undeniably; throughout real life experiences; the answer is no.

If I look back on the turns my life has taken; I can pinpoint which ones were guided by God; and which ones clearly weren't.

I was only made truly Real, by Him; through the turns in which I allowed God to guide.
Not Real in the ones I didn't.

He has given me the ability to look back and see that difference so vividly...
with the purpose to appreciate and allow Him more and more to guide all of my ways; throughout the turns I'm still to take.

With a true desire to be made Real,

by Him-

and Him alone!

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