Thursday, July 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday} Bloom

When I think of the word bloom I envision beautiful buds of flowers aching to see what the heavenly skies have to offer--- just reaching- reaching for something much better.
Displaying the beauty in every single precious petal, created by God himself.
I also see another side to bloom;
within those blooms petals fall... slowly fall and wither away.
The beauty of Gods creation is within each and every single one of them;
you see He is perfect; what withers away in each of those blooms He WILL rebuild.
With each petal that falls comes new life; the old has gone away to make room for the new.
I just love how God displays His works in the every day.
The way He constantly shows us the falling away of the petals; and through those withered crumpled up soft velvety petals comes a new bloom.
 The way He shows us that we will constantly be stripped away of what is no longer needed,
to make room for what He only knows we need.
Therefore I choose to rejoice where He will guide me to Bloom, aching to see what His Heavenly skies have to offer-
and rejoice in His plan for when I wither-
knowing that He will never fail,
allowing me to Bloom Forever in His Mighty Hands.