Saturday, July 5, 2008

They had so much fun...

Shianne had her friend over for a sleepover; they are definitely 2 girls that get along fabulously!!! They have so much in common- they are really both into the dramatic arts- so of course there was a show. :) It was the talent show!!! Very cute...

The girls making tickets for the show:

The Cast:

The ever so dramatic show: this says it all
The girls invention of hoop earrings using bracelets...

anyways thank you Kerry for letting us have her over; Shianne had so much fun! I also hope everyone had a great 4th!!! We sure did- Thanks to our friends old and new it was a blast!!! :)


  1. OMGosh!! The drama... please!! They sure had fun! We are so blessed to have kids that enjoy each other so much.

    H - please email me your home address.