Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Wow where do I begin? This is my 1st post in February there has been a lot going on! Valentines this year seems almost as busy as Christmas- why is that? Today is definitely a lazy day in the Lapierre household; I am recooperating from the busy school schedules; it's so nice to have the kids out of school for a 4 day weekend.
Every child of mine this year had a at home project to decorate a box for their valentines; on top of making Valentines for all of their class friends. I really didn't need home projects on top of that - PLUS homework!!! I remember when I was in school we decorated those things in the classroom. That would have been great because that left no time for other family valentine crafts I had in mind- my children are crafted out! :) Oh well; we survived; next year I'll start our projects the last week of January.

Isn't he adorable??? Brendens class made these soooo cute

Poor Hailey; always getting dressed up... :)

Shianne worked so hard on her Valentines Box...

Oh.... and last week on Friday Shianne came walking out to the car with these....

Yes those are rats- one is hiding in the photos. The HUGE one is Vanilla; the small one that hides is named Peanut. These are the class pets in Shiannes class. I had NO IDEA these were coming home; yep that's right her teacher took her word for it and never got my permission; Shianne was soooooo excited how could I tell her to take them back to her class. A phone call to her teacher was made by me, expressing the obvious concern of why I wasn't notified! Yes I was not very happy- I don't think that will happen again. Shianne was happy to be able to pet sit; she even cleaned the cage- YUCK!!! Thank you Cierra for coming over to help.

No School yesterday; so we baked Valentine cookies...

Heres wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!!!

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