Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Morning ...and more

Last week was the kids last week of school until January. I think I'm loving this year round school schedule! :) I get to have them home at the "PERFECT" time of year.

Thanksgiving was certainly different for us this year; being away from all the people we love so much. The kids got up and played cards while the famous Rose Parade was on. We played a game of tennis, played at the park- all the while my hubby was at home watching football and baking a tri-tip roast and sliced ham. We were way too late for Turkey- they were sold out. Jay doesn't like turkey much anyway- so we really didn't make a big deal out of it this year. Dinner was great! The best part was sitting down together as a family saying our prayers, and talking about what we are all thankful for.

Now... we've just been putting a lot of puzzles together and getting the house ready for Christmas. I can't wait to go down South and see all our family! The picture above pretty much shows how I feel about seeing everybody! ;) LOL ABSOLUTELY GIDDY!!!

"Joy came down on Christmas Day
As angels came to earth
Heralding the miracle
of our Messiah's birth."""


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