Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday} "Story"

We all have a story, it is a beautiful story that God has already carefully written for us. 
He knows where we will go, 
what we will do, 
the struggles we will face,
 and all the triumphs we will experience.  
He knows our story...
 the parts that will make our hearts flutter,
 those that will turn us into knots,
 and those where He will make himself known.  
Even the parts of our story He knows we will fight, but that is what a story is.  
We fight it, not knowing that He knows the outcome. 
 In each and every story there will be trial, 
and in each and every story there is an ending- 
where He has always been my Hero!!! :)


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  1. Lovely, and yes, He is the best and most faithful kind of hero. The one that all other heroes are a shadow of. Glad that I stumbled over from Lisa-Jo's this week!

  2. Sister~ you have no idea how encouraging your words on my blog were today. Thank you! And your post is such a sweet reminder of how our stories will end when we are trusting in our Hero. Love that! May you be blessed in the same way you have been a blessing to me!