Monday, August 18, 2014

The Question Is...

The question is- "How do they see you"?  

Take a step outside your own little world, look at your children in every interaction, and before you respond or react watch yourself, and ask "How do my children see me?"

If I'm truthful they would completely see me as a massive stress case.  Always running around with my head cut off and rushing everyone out the door for everything.  Not leaving as much time as I wish to just listen.  Even when I listen, I find myself reacting which makes them not want to talk to me about much of anything.  

Instead of the negative things they see; how bout flipping that around today - and think on at least 10 things you want your children to see when they see you.  


in the next ten days; to remain focused jot down 1 thing for everyday that you felt good about.  Let's face it us Mom's can be way too hard on ourselves that any little regret can sometimes remove all the positive we've instilled in our homes that very day, we forget the good when we focus on the not so good moments.  Let's take this time to focus on the positive, so we can truly see the benefits, and watch God work through us in our homes.

My ten are:

1. A Mother who Loves them no matter what!
2. A Mother who planted self esteem within them through all trials.
3. Organized
4. Giving and Kind Hearted
5. Involved not hidden away
6. Patient Mother
7. Not afraid to be a kid
8. One who really listens with all her heart; quick to listen- slow to speak
9. A Mother who sees mistakes as an opportunity for growth, not defeat
10. Most of all a Mother who puts God first; because without Him, I can't imagine being able to do all of the above.

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