Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank You Nicol for sending pics! :) Toms Farm Breakfast w/ family

We got up really early Saturday morning and headed to meet family for breakfast at Toms Farms. Baby Locin is soooo cute; he is getting so big! And his hair is turning blonde (so cute). We had fun just relaxing with family while Jay took the kids over to the carousel for about 30 minutes!!! Sorry honey that no one came to your rescue with 5 children! :) Love You honey! We all decided it was good for you; maybe next time you can sit back and relax with us! hahahaha. Anyway we had a great time; we even took the train ride; that was cute! Oh and I'll have to post again soon; because Shianne got the new A-line haircut- super cute on her!!! We cut it yesterday. :)

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