Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

Candy anyone??? I cannot believe how much candy we have in this house? FREE CANDY!!! ; Mom & Dad come on over and get yours! :) hahaha. You think I'm kidding.
Shianne was a fashionable vampire for halloween; she looks so much older in these pictures- very photogenic.

This is our adorable neighbor from across the street; he went trick or treating with us. His Momma is gonna love these pictures...

Brenden was out patrolling the streets! :)
Here are our carved pumpkins; we didn't do too bad we knocked 3 out in 2 hours.... Being the last minute person that I am I waited to carve pumpkins when the kids got out of school on the day of Halloween... Heres the cat...
Casper the friendly ghost...
Half Moon and stars...
Our adorable trick or treaters (I didn't get many pictures of Jimmy) :(
Look at that make-up... only for Halloween... no I am not one of those pageant Moms :)

Jimmys class picture before they went trick or treating round the offices; he is the quiet one all the way to the left- he always looks so serious at school-
I hope everyone else had a fun and safe Halloween night! Don't forget if anyone wants some free candy come on over. :)

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