Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to take a break...

With the kids out of school this week; and not a bunch of running around to do I can't wait to finish reading "Room of Marvels". I tried reading it one night and had tears streaming down my face. It was really hard to put down; but somehow I didn't have the time to pick it back up. It has been sitting on my end table ever since. Well this is the week!!!! I cannot wait to read it; I'm gonna brew myself a pot of coffee; sit in bed and read in silence... I am prepared to be blessed! :)
Here is the narrative on the back cover:
Tim Hudson has finally arrived at God’s address—Tim is at the end of his rope.

The writer of Christian books, Tim has a beautiful family and good friends. But the last two years have brought him to a crisis of faith. Tim’s best friend and kindred spirit Wayne, a famous Christian musician, was killed suddenly and tragically in an auto accident. "What a waste." Tim’s mother, that faithful saint who had been his touchstone and a gentle guiding presence his whole life, is also taken from him suddenly. "Where do I turn for direction now?" And the hardest of all, Tim and his wife Rachel’s two-year-old daughter, Madison, who had been born with severe physical challenges, is killed in a senseless medical accident. "God, even though she was broken, we still wanted to be with her."

Now Tim, the one who turns answers into best-sellers, is looking for answers himself. During a desperate retreat to a spiritual center to seek God, God sends Tim on a guided journey to a glimpse of the wonders that await him, and that his departed loved ones now share.

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