Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show and tell!

I finally finished a couple layouts that I was working on this past summer; that was actually the last time I scrapbooked! My sister in law came over and we cropped together for as long as we could; as usual we didn't get much done :) but I finally finished what we started. :)

This was not very easy to work with; I liked the paper when I bought it; but trying to work with a big print on a page wasn't very fun. It didn't come out quite as I expected; then again what layout ever does?
Okay and brace yourself because this is hysterical!!! I went upstairs to check on the kids the other day and found that my older daughter had dressed her brothers up as girls! Priceless... total blackmail pictures for when they get older. lol :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll leave you with these pictures of Brenden at his schools feast... he's quite the ladies man in class; I had 3 moms asking me if they could get a picture of Brenden with their daughters; they supposedly love him... he really is so sweet to everyone! I'm a very proud Mama!

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