Friday, December 19, 2008

Yay for Christmas Break!!!!

I picked up Brenden from Kindergarten at 11:45 am today; then Shianne arrived home at 12:45 pm --- We are celebrating!!! Yay no getting up early for 2 weeks! Time to enjoy some much needed valuable time together as a family- therefore we started out by cleaning out our closets (not so fun) getting ready for Christmas. We must have an organized home for Christmas I say; they don't agree--- oh well one day they might! ;)
I feel really weird that we watched our very last preschool performance last night. Our baby performed at his; telling the story of Jesus' birth- and to think in the past he's always sat with us watching; once when he was just 6 months old wathing his big sister, and the next when he was 3 1/2 watching his big brother do the same exact play that this year HE was in! He played a shepard; did not sing along AT ALL and hid behind the kid Santa during most of the show; poor little guy he is probably gonna have to battle shyness like his Momma ;). Wow time flys; preschool is so much fun and soooooo cute- I'm gonna miss this age. :(
I will post pictures in a couple minutes he's adorable!

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