Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baseball Season is over til Spring...

What a fun baseball season we had! Brenden was on top of his game; we are praying we'll be able to keep him going in the spring. They got their awards at their last pizza party; everyone was so proud! Jay was also given a gift card to Sport Chalet and a ball signed by all the kids as a thank you for coaching! It worked out so great because he wanted so bad to coach but couldn't commit completely; either way it worked out, Jay volunteer coached and only missed one game this ball meant so much to him. He really is a great teacher; I've always thought that.
On the last game of the season Brenden caught a fly ball - stepped on 1st (double play) and went for the triple by throwing it straight to second base; only a second and he would have had a triple play!!! What a way to end the season. :) The coach gave him $ 5.00 for catching a fly ball; he was pretty excited about that. His party was about 3 weeks ago; I've been meaning to post pictures; but you know how that goes...

This little boy with Brenden is the coaches son; they are always so
cute together!

This cake was homemade by the coaches wife; she did a fabulous job!

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