Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally finished!!!! YAY!!!

So... I barely finished a class project of Donna Downey's today!!! For those of you non-scrappers she is like a celebrity to us. :) It only took over a year!? lol- it took me a really long time to sew those buttons Jen. This was the second class I have taken... and by far the best!!! I love Donnas style- and it was so fun to be alongside my sweet friend Jen! What a perfect day to finish this- let's see my chores are done and it's raining- gotta love it!

Happy Good Friday everyone! What a special day to really focus on what Jesus did for us- I pray we never forget this day; nor forget the magnitude of how profoundly it affects our today, and our future. Blessings to all and thanks to the Lord above for filling me with a love that really does go beyond words. I read on a blog the other day something beutiful and I keep repeating it over and over in my head ...

"If God is God—and He is—small with him is better than big with anybody. His old things are better than anybody's new things. Being his child is better than having the world. And better to be blind with the invisible God than to see everything without him." (
John Piper)

So very true!

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  1. It looks beautiful. (I can't believe it took you a year to finish that) (((hugs))) Jenn