Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inspiring People...

So... I constantly refer to one of my all time favorite teachers, pastors & mentors; Charles Stanley. I receive so much blessing from reading & listening to his teachings. There is such a humbleness, gentleness & genuineness in his sermons and writings; this man has been blessed with such an awesome gift! Last year, around Mothers Day I remember being on his website and watching his sermon on Motherhood; to hear him speak of his Mother gave me the chills and brought tears of joy to my eyes. She was definitely a Mother worth aspiring to be. Every time he begins to speak or write about his Mother Rebecca I am in awe. This mornings daily devotional I copied and posted is just Beautiful. I can't thank my Mother enough for being that influence I needed and still do need for my life. ;)


The Influence of a Godly Parent by, Charles Stanley

READ | 2 Timothy 1:1-5

Over the years, a number of people have expressed a desire to hear more about my mother Rebecca. I mention her often in sermons because she was one of my greatest influences. In the next two days, I’ll share with you a few of the fundamental life lessons she taught me. These are instructions I believe every parent should give children.

My mother taught me to pray. Every night we knelt together next to my bed while she spoke with the Lord. I listened to her words and her tone, which gave me a pattern for my own prayers. I will never forget the impact of hearing her speak my name to the Lord.

My mother brought every need before God. Every week she worked 40 hours in a textile mill to bring home $9.10. I can still picture those checks. Yes, times have changed and inflation must be taken into account, but poor is poor. With less than 10 dollars a week, we had to cover rent, food, clothing, bus fare, and all the little expenses that crop up. I would get nervous sometimes and ask Mother how we were going get by. She said, “We’re going to trust God. We read in the Bible how He answered prayers then, and He’s going to meet our needs now.”

Mother had never heard the word “theology,” but she had plenty of it. She did not attend seminars or study child-rearing books. Rebecca read the Bible and applied God’s principles to her life. Then she made sure her son knew how to do the same. Moms and Dads, that is what it means to be a godly parent.

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