Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blessed by Blog Hopping...

One of my favorite bloggers P 31 ministries; Lysa Terkeurst. I just loved this entry and had to share. I'll give you a little bit of it so you'll want to read more.

"Then I must take up my cross...

My cross. Stop the blaming and finger pointing and wishing everyone else would change... and see my sinful reaction as a negative contribution to the problem at hand. I must take my issues to His cross and see my sin for what it is- sin. And I must be disgusted enough by my sin to truly want to do something about it.

Take up my cross. It's hard. But it is the way with Jesus.

Finally, I must follow Him...

Really follow Him. Follow who He is and how He is. I must close my mouth, pause long enough to let Him interrupt my eruption, and let His Spirit redirect me. Yes, my children need to be corrected but I can let the consequences scream so I don't have to. Only a calm mama can think of rational, reasonable consequences that instruct.
-Written by Lysa TerKeurst

Come on all you Mommy friends I know you want to read the rest. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or some tea (maybe a little dessert) and have some girl time. She'll make you laugh; and while I'm at it so will all the Proverbs 31 women. I have been so blessed by this website; I call them my virtual friends. lol. Happy Blog hopping!

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