Sunday, May 16, 2010

Train ride along the Sacramento River turns into all out photo-op! :)

Shianne and Brenden on the train going along the Sacramento River...Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Lapierre for the tickets! We had a fabulous time!Yay we found a brick wall! Mrs. Shabro would be so proud of me! :)

I told them to just talk to each other and this is what I got. Shianne is so funny!
haha... the boys have it down- Shianne's trying a little too hard ;)
Atta girl!!!
Okay so the idea of jumping photos popped in my mind from my friend and photographer...These are very hard to capture...Love the hair in the face!
Better... to get a natural look at the same time...not easy

Yay a red door!!! Now I really want photoshop!

Now we try jumping again! This is funny!

haha Jimmy decides to join in- now Shianne has a Sprite bottle in front of her face! Jen in the world do you do this???
Totally over the jumping at this point- by this time my kids think I am crazy!

You think someone needs to go to the bathroom?
My little model again!

I love this!!! So much it's my new blog header! ;) We had a great day today! I am so blessed to spend my days with such awesome children!

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