Friday, July 16, 2010

God is AMAZING and this is why I'm not afraid to say it!!!!

WOW!!! I was just thinking I remember the day when I called myself a christian but made sure to tell everyone I wasn't a holy roller or anything like that! Ha...I laugh looking back at that I am proud to call myself a holy roller- or better yet a child of God who adores the relationship I have with my Father in Heaven sooooooo much that it hurts to see others miss out. Just the other day I saw a facebook posting that said "If you follow all the rules; you wont have any fun". There was a day I would have thought that myself and my heart went out to this girl who wrote this I immediately prayed for her... not because I am a holy roller who thinks less of people who are not ...but instead the complete opposite I have been there and I know God loves her just as he loves me... and I have compassion for her and people who are just plain missing out. I have found in Jesus Christ a joy that is not temporary- a joy that heals- and I don't have to break any rules to feel the rush! My heart is perfectly content where it stands- with my Father. I'm not saying this happened overnight I've said it before and I just have to say it again... I have been back and forth way too many times to know I wouldn't have it any other way. Jesus brought me to this point in my life where He just lovingly spoke to my heart "Enough...this is not my plan for me ...I have been holding your hand you may stray...but I'll always be here!" I just had to listen and trust Him as he asked- I wish there was a way I could put into words how I feel.

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