Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heaven on Earth...

It's been a little over a month and I still haven't posted Monterey pictures. Well tonight is the night! Brace yourself for loads of photos. Shianne and I went on a field trip with her 4th grade class to Monterey, CA. It was absolutely breathtaking... we had so much fun...I can't wait to go back again someday. Hopefully soon- hint hint to the hubby if he reads this. ;) I received in the mail a sweet letter from my Grandmother; I call her Gi-Gi- it stands for great grandma the i was added for flair! :) I spoke with my Mom the day I got back describing just how in awe I felt over the sights I saw- and the presence of God near. When I look at the picture that one of the sweet Moms took of me overlooking the ocean; the picture captured that feeling. Even more amazing my sweet Gi-Gi had written a poem that describes the picture- without ever seeing it and without hearing about the conversation I had with my Mother until after the fact. She had already written a beautiful poem describing just how I was feeling those moments staring out into the beautiful ocean- Gods masterpiece! Here it is:

Heaven on Earth

As the sun begins to set
it's as though the heavens and ocean just met
On my special hill
the earth stands still
all but a breeze
slightly blowing the trees
mist hits my face
there's a sudden chill in the air
the sunset, shades of red and gold
casting a glow on my hair
the ocean splashes on the rocks below
wave, after wave pounding the shore
as never before
a glorious moment to share
watching waves in front of the sunset
dance through the air
Seagulls so beautiful, so white
mesmerizing to my eyes
as they fly amongst Gods' heavenly skies
rushing before daylight becomes night
watching brings tears to my eyes
standing in awe I look around
gazing at the beautiful sights I have found
seeing in all directions
Gods' many creations
I believe God made this Lovely
moment for only me
so I have a glimpse
of how Heaven will be

Written by, Kathie MacKaman '2010

Thank you Gi-Gi for sharing this beautiful poem; amongst many more of your treasured writings! I Love you!

These two girls were in Shiannes class - I thought for sure they were sisters- but nope! They are however; extremely sweet- adorable and super duper photogenic...
Dead Jellyfish...
Point Lobos... the most gorgeous hike I have ever been on...

Did I mention we had so much fun!!!?

There were many deer sightings- this one was the closest...

Shianne trying to decide which clam chowder was the best...

Gotta Love her... :)

She is just like me when I was little...

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium looking at me through the ginormous fish bowl...

Whale watching...


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