Monday, December 19, 2011

He's Home...

Written this past Friday December 16th, 2011

My Grandpa Bill was one active man;
that's how I remember him.
Running- doing push-ups, going on long trips- always young at heart.
He was the kind of Grandpa that never seemed to age.
So with this; I was completely not ready to hear of his sudden illness that aged him significantly in just a months time.
We all know he didn't like it;
and was completely unprepared for what was happening to him-
When I had my last visit with him just last week; his one wish was to be out of the hospital and at home-
he was not gonna give up til he made it there-
he got his wish and was home with his amazing wife 2 days before going to his final home in Heaven- to be reunited with his sons, mother, father & sister-
A huge welcoming in heaven occured for my Grandpa today- I will never forget the kiss on my cheek; and hearing him say "I love you too hun- see you soon" I said "Your going Home" his reply "You bet I am"! He truly is at home-
"I Love you Grandpa!"
This is my Grandpa Bill and Grandma Bonnie with my cousins, in I believe the early to mid 90's-

This was my Grandpa Bill getting one of many awards being in the patrol. He was always very humble about his accomplishments; he's got one awesome resume- That's him in the middle...

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