Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday } "Home"

In the busyness of Mommy hood, among morning carpool lanes, Friday payday & bill paying day,
 I took a quick mini second glance at today's topic from my phone-

 I knew I had not had five minutes yet to share on Lisa Jo's word of the day while at my daughters basketball party.  
I knew though that later I may just get that five minutes to reflect on the powerful word "Home". 

 I have to admit; at first glance I really had a vague idea of the generic "Home is where the heart is" saying- I told myself that with such a powerful prompt; I would not be able to do it justice- so I set it completely aside; and didn't think about writing on it at all...

that was until God showed me something powerful.

On my way home alone; no kids in tow, from grocery shopping- I looked in my rear view mirror,
and there she was-

a Mom in the drivers seat stopped at the stoplight, dancing and singing, with her precious, giggling children.  The joy in her eyes and theirs was my glimpse of home!

That was her home painted beautifully on her drive home, and that has been my home on many car rides.  
This was home- this was freedom.
Home is wherever you have the freedom to be 100% YOU!  
That is what makes home so powerful.
At Home there is such a joy in letting that guard down that sometimes we hold up way too high.
At Home, only our spouse and children know who we really are.
In reality, anytime I'm with family, no matter where it is-

 I am Home.


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  1. I love this... I hope that my family feels that way about our home... a place to be 100% you... very freeing and welcoming...

  2. I, too, was initially stuck on "Home is where the heart is," but it's true, isn't it? Whether in the minivan, the airport, the living room, in another country. Thanks for sharing today. (visiting from FMF)