Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PRAY Project

This is not only a crafting project for me; but one that has great meaning.  I have completely been shown the power of prayer this past month, so it was only fitting when I looked at the empty frames that have been hanging on my wall for almost a year, to have them say something special...

Here are those Empty Frames:

Excuse the Cars Plate, but it has become my painting plate :) Just some Burlap, Foam Stamps, Foam Paint Brush & Some paint- Any Color :

The first letter complete & hung in minutes:

And I stamp some more:

You get the idea: 

And it's done :) Nothing like being reminded to pray everyday & in every moment right? 
The neat thing about this project is it's so easy to change the words based on the season - LOVE - for Valentines, RISE for Easter, NOEL for Christmas, FALL Etc. 
This literally only took 10 minutes from start to finish - YAY

                                           Now off to make a Valentines Banner 

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