Monday, June 16, 2008

Soooo glad school is out!!! :)

Last week was chaos; all these last week of school activities left my house a disaster! I am so happy that things are slowing down and I can finally begin to feel a little more organized. Shianne got to visit her old school last Thursday and have her yearbook signed; that was a lot of fun for her. As she says "I felt like a celebrity" lol; how does an 8 year old know the word celebrity vs. movie star; I guess we should thank Hanna Montana for that one! :) It was really cute; everyone was yelling her name and jumping up reaching out for her. I wish I could have captured her smile in a photo that day; unfortunately my camera was at home.

On her last day of her new school she was in the cutest hip hop dance; if I can figure out how to load a video I will post it soon. She was amazing! There is just something so awesome about her new school; I teared up at the assembly just listening to how grateful they are to run such a fun school. You can just see the passion in the principals face for her students; she has such a genuine kind spirit; and all the teachers do as well; I can't describe into words how I feel about her school- her school moves me; it's almost as if it came out of a movie! Really I couldn't be happier! There was a time at my daughters old school when she got in trouble for hugging a friend of hers!!!! Hugging???? Since when did that become wrong? Crazy.
We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful school and teacher for Shianne when we moved.

We also went horse back riding at the riding academy with Shiannes girl scout troop; it was miserably roasting outdoors; but it was fun! Brenden got to come as well. Here are some pictures... (Shianne was so happy that she got her horse to run; making cute kissing noises, and she held Brendens hand almost the whole time, so cute) gosh this was a long post; it's been a long week. :) I hope everyone had a Happy Fathers Day! Ours was really nice. Til the next event! :)

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  1. Awwww~sweet picks. I'm glad school is out, too. Happy Summer!!!!
    p.s. your blog looks cute