Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Baby is 4 today!!!

Where does the time go? I feel like I say this everytime one of my children celebrates a birthday. My youngest is 4 today!!! I can't believe how quick that flew by; he'll be starting preschool in the Fall; I will cry... what will I do without our one on one time- don't get me wrong I'm sure I'll find plenty to do eventually; but he has always been so easy and peaceful at home; I'm not quite ready to watch him go to school; I'm going to need some support from friends on the first day of school! Starbucks anyone??? See I'm already making plans for myself and that's not until August!!! :)
Anyway... Happy Birthday to my precious blue eyed boy Jimmy Cocoa Puff! :) Jimmy on his new toy quad (we gave it to him
last night) HE LOVES IT!!!

I'll post pictures tommorow of his day- tonight we are having family and a neighbor friend over for cake and some more water slide fun. I've got lots to do today; Brendens graduation rehearsal is this afternoon- gotta pick up the Ratatoullie cake from the bakery, plates, napkins, ice cream- dry cleaners, get Brendens teacher a gift, clean house, get Brenden a graduation gift--- busy busy busy!!!
Here are some pictures I took yesterday of the boys at Brenden's preschool family potluck & their new neighbor friend came over to play on the waterslide... I'm telling you this waterslide is a hit!!! I would suggest it to anyone!!! :)


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  1. Happy Birthday Jimmy. WOW, how time flies. I remember you standing in my kitchen looking like a deer caught in headlights telling me your were pregnant. Trust me you will fill the time with them all at school. You deserve a little me time. Oh, I am having a last minute Tupperware party this Friday at 7:00, please come if you can. Tell Jane I would love to see her too.