Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer sure is busy...

I haven't blogged in a while due to the hectic summer. It has been so hot here; I'm talking between 105 to 112, with lots of humidity to go along with it. I have some pictures that have been sitting in my camera the last couple of days that I downloaded. Thought I'd take some time this morning to share.

My son Brenden had crazy hair day at school last week; it was red and green- I couldn't get it to wash out of his scalp for 3 days!!!! I wish my hair held color like his does! :)

Saturday my husband went to toys r us to get our son Jimmy his birthday present (HE TURNS 4 TOMMOROW!!!) and couldn't pass up the sidewinder outdoor waterslide slash pool! I was a little skeptical at 1st; but once I saw it I knew the kids would love it. They are on it for hours; there is even room for me to get in!!! We are beating the heat! Our friends came over and we had a last minute bar-b-Q while we watched the kids have a blast on the new waterslide. We all had soooo much fun! I always get mad at myself for not taking pictures of the adults; someone has to remind me- because I always forget.

Let's see; what else? Shianne went on her vacation this past Sunday; I wont see her for a week! I really miss her. :( Got a new lens...

just in time for Brendens Preschool graduation ceremony Thursday night. Today is his last day of preschool :( Can't believe a whole school year has already passed. Jimmy and I will be headed out pretty soon for the family potluck at Bredens school; good thing it's a little cooler today! :)
Lots going on- staying real busy... enjoy the pictures...


  1. That pool looks like SO much fun~may have to check into that. Glad you're enjoying the summer!

  2. So are my kids from a different country? Michael sure looks brown :)

    The kids sure did have a fun day on the slide. It's too cool!!

  3. O.k. I am looking at your pictures telling myself how much they have improved and then I see something about a new lens. Hello, Is there something you are not telling me???