Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moon Sand Fun!!!

We had our nieces over this weekend for a sleepover! The cousins play so well together! They had a lot of fun- at one point Saturday night we had 7 kids in our house!!! 7- thats a lot! They were all very good though. As you can tell I'm gonna need more of that patience I talked about in my last post to clean up my house. I was thinking that maybe I should just clean it and stop saying it so much! I wonder how many times in a week I actually say I need to; or I am cleaning my house. Wow theres a thought I say it way too much- it has overloaded my mind- I think I need to stop that! :) I'm going to enjoy the life God intended us to enjoy and stop panicking over a clean house- I think it's some kind of addiction- Thanks Mom (it's hereditary you know) ! Love you! :) Here are some pictures of our weekend with our nieces... (and neighbor) :)
Jay also rescued a rabbit that almost drowned in a puddle of water out back- theres some pictures of that too! I swear Jane we had all the kids scrub their hands after petting this wild creature! ;) We set it free the next day.

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