Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peltzers Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun at Peltzers! It was our 1st time there; it's a beautiful drive down to wine country. I live very close yet the last time I drove in that direction was at Ed & Jens wedding anniversary about 6 years ago! It is very gorgeous out there.
Picking just the right pumpkin was no chore for Shianne and Brenden; Jimmy took his sweet time; and decided on this cute little white one- they do know how to pick a good pumpkin if I do say so myself. ;)

I love this picture of Shianne:

Playing in the hay is always fun; I found out this day for the very 1st time that my husband is allergic to hay. Poor guy!

Shianne took a couple pictures of Jay and I ; don't you just love all those porta-potties behind us! lol

The kids loved the corn maze

And the pig races; one of the funniest things we have ever seen!

The sunflowers were beautiful...

Off I go; Jimmys trick or treating at his preschool today; can't miss it! :)

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