Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost caught up...

Here are most of the rest of the pictures I promised- whats the point of taking so many pictures if your not gonna share them right?
This is Jimmy receiving the "Young Authors Award in his 1st grade class!!! Huge accomplishment, my Mom was with me the day the teacher came literally running out to tell us he would be recognized and awarded that following Friday.

This is the 1st page of his writing. You get the jest of it- This was a huge deal, just a couple weeks before this we had a meeting with his teacher because he was struggling in this area. He OVERCAME & BLEW THEM AWAY!!! This story circulated through the entire staff and front office and everyone was saying "Who wrote this!!!???" Way to go Jimmy!

I was supposed to go on this trip with Jimmy to the Wild Animal Park. Daddy got to hang with him instead while I stayed at the school to congratulate Shianne on an award she would be getting... we'll get to that one later ;)

Leave this up to Jimmy... Why am I not surprised...?

Shianne was recognized for Trailblazer of the Month in the category of "Perseverance" Family knows how hard all our moves have been on her the past couple of years. It really affected her scores- She pushed through and made a way through her obstacles, everyone is so proud of her dedication! She has been begging for hair feathers; so we surprised her with them when she came home from school... Totally deserving...

What he's been up to these days...Brendens' new used bike had the motor blow the 2nd time he rode it- this bike has been totally restored from the ground up which makes for a very occupied husband!

Isn't he HOT???

Shiannes 5th grade Softball game vs. the teachers. They had so much fun!!!


This was a BIG DAY for Shianne! These pictures were taken at her 5th grade promotion. After calling up honor students we thought all awards were over- The principal got up and started talking about the Trailblazer of the year award- and how one student would be chosen from each class. Shiannes teacher got up to speak and started talking about this student that sounded A LOT LIKE our Shianne- and then she was called up to receive the award for her class- "TRAILBLAZER OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO SHIANNE HOWELL' LAPIERRE"!!! I totally shrieked with utter excitement and surprise Jay and I were literally jumping up and down- and she walked up there so very proud and surprised too! We had no idea they didn't tell us- That was an awesome day!!!

This little girl turning middle schooler is now on Summer Vacation- getting ready to head off to her 1st camp in a couple weeks. She is such a beautiful and funny girl- I just pray that God gives us the wisdom to guide her in not getting lost in all the pressures that no doubt will come her way. Middle School can be very rough on girls, it was for me- like the book I'm reading right now I'm going to see this as an "Age of Opportunity" instead of panic. Age of Oppurtunity by Paul Tripp
Just look at that face doesn't that have age of opportunity written all over it??? lol

And this boy... He is off to practice, his 1st race is this Saturday. Still not to fond of the sport it scares the heck out of me. What I am fond of though is his genuine desire to ride- He loves it- and I love him. :)

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