Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Faith is not the Force I generate"

Well it's been a little over 30 days and God has revealed so much about Faith to me- if you read my previous post you will see the bulk of it. :)
Last Sunday at our church service; we began a series in the book of Hebrews- the focus verse was in Chapter 11 verses 1-3. What a way to finish off the faith journey I have been on (which of course is by no means ever really finished) when I turned to Chapter 11 I saw I had written from a previous time "The Faith Chapter"!!! I love when that happens- Clarification- and an even deeper understanding.

Here is the key quote that finished off the sermon-
"Faith is not the force I generate"!!!
I just love this quote I had never heard it put that way before- so simple- yet so profound!
I am now taking a step on the "GOODNESS" Journey- not alone of course ;) - can't wait to see what He has to reveal.

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