Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And She's Off!!!

Yesterday was the day we sent our daughter off to her 1st Summer Camp Ever!!! Knowing there would be 5 days of no voice to voice contact was just killing me. Then she gets on a big bus which will be driving up a curvy mountain road over looking cliffs. All of a sudden panic struck this Mommy- I was deathly silent yesterday for about 2 hours until I finally was able to call the camp grounds to hear she arrived safely - WHEW!!! Now I can relax and the least of my worries is her being gone for 5 days- after how I felt yesterday.
She did sneak a call into me yesterday afternoon from her friends cell phone- she sounds SO ECSTATIC!!! I am so proud of her!

While trying to get used to the idea of my sweet little girl riding up a mountain road on a big bus- Jimmy was doing this... He got this great shot of Brenden and his freckles...

Off they go...

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  1. OMG!!! She's going to love it! I went for the first two years and the last one we couldnt afford it but she will have a blast :)