Sunday, November 27, 2011

I miss them already...

My children that is; I miss them already. Today is the last day of their school Thanksgiving break. It went by way too fast; weeks like this I sometimes wish they were home schooled. In 3 weeks they will be off for Christmas Break; I'll have even more time with them then I'm excited to make these:

How cute is that? Got this cute idea off of pinterest.
On another note, today I say goodbye to Fall :(

- Yes I love Christmas but I don't have very many Christmas decorations that I love. I desire that flow thing; you know where everything just flows together?
I have accomplished this in my Fall decor; but not quite Christmas. I hate to say it; but I am not a big fan of reds; never have been- I'm actually quite afraid of color- lol. Therefore; I am dreaming of a white Christmas; and somehow this year or the next I'm gonna try and make some beautiful neutral Christmas decorations. I'll be on pinterest a lot; that's for sure. I would love to create something like this... Crisp- clean and pulled together; this is very classy..

I'll keep you posted! ;)
I'm off to brainstorm some more...

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