Monday, April 9, 2012

Picture Perfect Memory Monday

Camera phones are fun!

This is my beautiful Mom and Dad last summer at Big Bear lake.

Where I spend some of my Sundays working at the coffee shop at our church.

Sometimes I get these crazy fashion ideas; this outfit can be pieced together in 3 COMPLETELY different ways- here's one of them... Make use of everything you've got in your closet right???

Shianne and her award winning Science Fair Project... She got to take this to Regionals over Spring Break!!!

Okay...and you know when your child has a teacher that is just so genuinely proud of your student; and enjoys every moment of watching them grow- that is Mrs. Wight; she absolutely the best!!!

Shianne receiving an award at the Basketball Banquet for "Most Improved Player" she was the only 6th grade girl on her team; we couldn't be prouder.

Pause for a moment for a picture of Brenden; our trooper getting his lower braces on last week.

And creating a picture for my Papaw; who sends us ice cream treats all the time!!!
I thought this came out so cute...

And now off to the Regional Science Fair Awards ceremony where Shianne receives a bronze medal for her project!!!

And this dessert- COMPLETELY SHAREABLE!!!!

Happy Easter!

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